In early April of this year, Intel Corporation released their newest core processors, the 8th Generation. The main target audience for this new, and more powerful core, is hardcore PC users. These would be customers who use their computers day in and day out, for business or pleasure, and need a solid core processor to get them through the day. Read more >>

Posted on May 27, 2018 John Smith Hardware Products

The best desktop for gaming starts off with a good processor. In the market today, the leading processors include Intel's 8th generation core processors which possess a huge X-Series chip and AMD's now Ryzen 7-5-3 and Thredripper CPUs. Read more >>

Posted on January 3, 2018 John Smith Hardware Products

IDG News Service reported an overall increase in PC cost due to a shortage in components. Gianfranco Lanci the COO of Lenovo says there is a worldwide shortage in solid state drives, dynamic random access memory, batteries, and liquid crystal displays. Not what you would expect from the seemingly ever expanding tech world that has integrated with us so seamlessly. The shortage of components is pushing up computer prices as is the shrinking PC market. Read more >>

Posted on April 3, 2017 John Smith Hardware Products

When computer processors first came out they have changed the world as we know it, they were super big and super expensive, but scientists and business men have predicted that computer prices are going to go down exponentially. They were right Computer hardware and Intel IT parts have been declining in prices in an incredible way. As production increases it is natural for the prices to drop because the availability of the materials becomes abundant. When computer processors first came out companies started competing against each other because the whole world is being run by computers these days, and it doesn’t stop there because computer technology is getting better and better every day. For example, our cell phones have become computers on their own and they can process information very fluently and efficiently. It doesn’t stop there because we notice computer processors are becoming part of everything else beside a computer such as TVs, cars, airplanes, watches, toys and many other. Read more >>

Posted on March 17, 2017 John Smith Hardware Products

The new AMD Ryzen is set to arrive in march it has no window 7 support and is smaller than Skylake. One of the best new features about this new AMD Ryzen is the price is affordable compared to other models and that is one of its best features. Read more >>

Posted on February 14, 2017 John Smith Hardware Products

The computer industry has been on the rise since the early 1900s when the processors have been invented, scientists predicted that technology is going to grow and develop exponentially. They were right; if we look at the price drop in computer hardware and how that has impacted the size of computers today you can see clearly that this is true. The amount of computing technology that was found to take a space ship to the moon in the 1960s can be found in your cell phone today. This is just one way to look at it but what the semiconductor industry has for 2016 is going to be a breakthrough and exciting for the computing industry. There is a lot of talk and debate around virtual reality and how it can be utilized in the future. Some are suggesting that this is going to be a big hit in 2017 and there are already developers working on developing apps that will make virtual reality headsets a big hit. Read more >>

Posted on February 8, 2017 John Smith Hardware Products

On December 14 2016, there was an article posted on Techspot India by Tim Schiesser talking about how AMD parts supplier is releasing their next gen CPY called Ryzen. This is set to launch quarter one of 2017. This was announced at the Tech Summit in California 2016. Read more >>

Posted on January 16, 2017 John Smith Hardware Products

Adata just announced that their gaming division is releasing the first SSD with Intel’s 3D MLC, the first PCIe NVMe SSD ADATA has ever produced. So Adata has stated that they will be featuring a sleek M.2 two-sided form factor with their XPG SX8000 which has been designed specifically in order for gamers to break the SATA performance barrier. This drive is the first of its kind to handle a 3D MLC NAND. On top of that, this is a MLC that is designed with an LDPC error correction. Adata and Intel manufacturer has decided that the first few shipments are going to be of small quantities, however, later on there will be a larger shipment or shipments. There is also going to be a 1TB option available at a later stage which will be ideal for those who have large data to store. Read more >>

Posted on December 23, 2016 John Smith Hardware Products

It has been known that the Raspberry Pi 3 has only connection to WI-Fi. Today in out modernized world this is not much help. Many of the connections are now able to even have cellular communication. This is necessary because soon the Raspberry Pi 3 will have the chance to be able to handle low-throughout cellular communications. This is becoming to reality. The Altair Electronics in fact has completed testing for the ALT 1160 category 1 LTE chip on the Raspberry Pi. Ever since the testing it has been made available and many people are excited for this announcement. Many people are excited for this announcement especially the company itself. The representative of the company I also very excited because this movement will bring them a much needed, long range of communications to the board computer. This will higher their reputation and convince many people to switch over to their services which will higher their revenue by a lot. Read more >>

Posted on December 22, 2016 John Smith Hardware Products

According to a study surveying 100 senior-level executives from IT vendors and resellers, their revenue in 2020 will mostly come from hardware sales. This will be possible as users continue to adopt the cloud for storage. People are led to the cloud because of how practical and easy it is to use. Though data stored in the cloud is always accessible to its user, that data must be stored somewhere, and that leads to the increase in demand for hardware. This demands does not come from individual users but from big cloud firms like Amazon and Microsoft that need cloud environments for their users. These two companies have recently opened data centers in the United Kingdom. Read more >>

Posted on November 29, 2016 John Smith Hardware Products

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