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PCs are Increasing in Cost due to a Component Shortage

IDG News Service reported an overall increase in PC cost due to a shortage in components. Gianfranco Lanci the COO of Lenovo says there is a worldwide shortage in solid state drives, dynamic random access memory, batteries, and liquid crystal displays. Not what you would expect from the seemingly ever expanding tech world that has integrated with us so seamlessly. The shortage of components is pushing up computer prices as is the shrinking PC market.

The PC market is shrinking. User are not buying new machines like they used to. Whether it’s because PCs have reached a point where the average user has all the capabilities they need, or because machines are higher quality is up for debate. To counter this PC makers like Lenovo are restricting their customization options. If you want an increased amount of storage you also have to increase your CPU and working memory as well. This jump from the tier 3 to tier 2 model will cost you a cool $400. Sure a tech savy person can upgrade their devices with individual components as a cost saving strategy. That runs the risk of compatibility issues and an invalid warranty. This is out of the average person’s skillset anyhow, especially when it comes to small compact units like smartphones and laptops. They are not as simple to upgrade as PC towers.

Even with PC sales declining the good news to IT hardware manufactures is that the younger generation is willing to spend more for top of the line specs. Gamers and video editors are a major target these days to PC manufactures. Jobs that are based around high quality content generation demand high performance machines and tech savvy millennials are willing to pay.

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