Avionics testers are facing new challenges as technology evolves. Some of these challenges include cyber protection, fiber optics, productivity, versatility, size, and no-fault-founds (NFFs). Avionics are any electronics applied to aviation. Cyber security is becoming increasingly important as technology advances because there is an increase in the ability to hack information or install viruses. Hacking refers to the act of gaining unauthorized access to data in a system or computer and viruses corrupt the systems data. Read more >>

Posted on February 26, 2019 John Smith Aerospace News

As many know already, Donald Trump has been elected as the new president of the United states. Many people are excited for his presidency and many are scared as to what he might do to this great country. Beyond his racist slurps and his sexist mind, many say he is a smart man that will make “America great again” this is still in question if he will or not. He does plan to change a lot of things in our politics and economy. And there might be even change the aircraft industry. One financial analyst thinks that with Trump’s election, there could be more spending on defense, including military aircraft. J.P Morgan analyst Seth Seifman wrote “in the near term, it should support defense stocks, with a moderate negative impact for commercial aero that may be in line with the market as a whole” this is bad news from some especially on the commercial based companies. Read more >>

Posted on November 16, 2016 John Smith Aerospace News

Airbus has certainly expressed its standpoint on not making a similar mistake Boeing has made when Airbus penetrated the same market. Boeing also being protective of their market share is correspondingly going towards the same direction. Boeing has already previous attempts to prevent Bombardier discussing future potential business with any existing client in the market. This was confirmed by CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes when he stated that their first deal in January with United was planned to be a resistance to any Bombardier talks with one of their most valuable clients, United Airlines. Read more >>

Posted on November 9, 2016 John Smith Aerospace News

David Reid of CNBC released an article on their website talking about the possibility of super sonic travel. NASA, the U.S. space agency, might be prepared to launch a new jet that would bring back super sonic travel which was left by the Concorde. Lockheed Martin was awarded with a contract of approximately $20 million by NASA in order to create a design for a “low boom” aircraft for flight demonstration. Lockheed Martin will be working out of its California location. Lockheed Martin was founded in March 1995, with headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland. Charles Bolden, the NASA Administrator, spoke in a statement released about how NASA is working to make the aircraft more efficient.
NASA is working hard to make flight greener, safer and quieter – all while developing aircraft that travel faster, and building an aviation system that operates more efficiently. said Bolden
To add to this, the statement also had information on the super sonic plane for passenger flight. "We're continuing that supersonic X-plane legacy with this preliminary design award for a quieter super sonic jet with an aim toward passenger flight." The “low boom” refers to the sound that is made when breaking the sound barrier. Lockheed Martin is planning to design their aircraft so that a soft thump would be in place of a huge bang that would normally occur when an aircraft breaks the sound barrier. The new design of this airplane, considered part of the series of “X-planes,” will be scheduled for its first manned flight in approximately 4 years. AFR Enterprises owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor is a leading supplier of Aerospace Industry Parts and has the resources to supply an array of aircraft products. If you are interested in a quote, please contact our friendly sales staff at sales@afrenterprises.com call us toll free at 1-714-705-4780. Read more >>

Posted on March 16, 2016 John Smith Aerospace News

The Boeing Company, the American aerospace multinational corporation, has recently launched their Next-Generation 737-800 Boeing Converted Freighter (BCF) with commitments and orders from seven customers for up to nearly 55 aircraft conversions. Through the utilization of their freight conversion program, The Boeing Aircraft Company is capable of converting passenger airlines into freights, which often extends the economic life of the aircraft. The 737-800 is the first of the Next-Generation 737 which Boeing will offer for conversion. The converted 737-800BCF will mainly be used on domestic routes while carrying express cargo. Read more >>

Posted on February 25, 2016 John Smith Aerospace News

Daher, the French automotive, aerospace, and defense conglomerate, has recently been showcasing their new enhancements on their Model Year 2016 version of their TBM 900 very fast turboprop aircraft.  These upgrades will allow for improved warning identification, further enhanced flight envelope protection, as well as improved facilitation of flight planning. Daher has been presenting these enhancements at the Changi Exhibition Center at the Singapore Airshow. Read more >>

Posted on February 23, 2016 John Smith Aerospace News

Gulfstream the Aerospace Corporation has announced today that company was granted approval to use its Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast in their G150 and the G200 from the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration otherwise known as the FAA. The primary advantage of having the Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast is that operators of the G150 and the G200 can acquire traffic and weather reports and updates from their Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast ground stations as well as any other aircraft broadcasting their location on the Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast In. Read more >>

Posted on February 16, 2016 John Smith Aerospace News

On February 10th, 2016, Oscar Nkala of Defense News released an article talking about how the government of Equatorial Guinea had taken delivery of two Airbus C-295 aircrafts. The government of Equatorial Guinea has plans of sending of one of the two Airbus C-295 aircrafts for missions dealing with surveillance over the Economics Exclusive Zone or EZZZ which is on the Gulf of Guinea Island. The one Airbus C-295 has been marked and assigned for troop transportation in the deployment department. Read more >>

Posted on February 15, 2016 John Smith Aerospace News

Today, Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. has announced that the G500 has finally completed its flutter testing. This marks another milestone in Gulfstream’s flight-test program for the G500, with the first G500 test aircraft the T1 having ran over 50 flights. Over 430 flight-test hours spanning over 105 flights, the three aircrafts in flight are signs that extraordinary progress is being made in the G500 flight-test program. Read more >>

Posted on February 11, 2016 John Smith Aerospace News

What does it mean to be the most powerful ever? Well, Boeing certainly can soon lay claim to that prestigious mantle. Jackie Nesselroad who is leading the team from Boeing on a mission to build the most powerful rocket in the world. Inside the Michoud Assembly Facility lies the world’s largest welding system in the world. Housed within the mammoth 800+ acre space park built by NASA just outside of the great city of New Orleans, the nearly 200 feet tall metal frame is being worked prepared to hopefully launch the world’s most powerful rocket soon. Christened the SLS, the rocket will have one end game in mind: Mars or bust. Read more >>

Posted on February 8, 2016 John Smith Aerospace News

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