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It is imperative that an aircraft is well maintained so all systems function properly without error during flight. We are constantly working with repair stations and industry leading manufacturers like Boeing to add new aircraft and aviation maintenance tooling parts to our inventory that are required for aircraft upkeep. You may be interested in some of our top selling part numbers: TR31/1, T5-8008-106-00, ST991A-2-250, ST991A-2, ST879A. Top descriptions are also listed for your ease of use such as One Channel Rigmaster Protractor System (Economy Version Of The Tr60-1), Tensiometer - Cable Range - 40-600 Lbs For 1/8, 5/32, 3/16, & 1/4 Cables, Scrivet Fastener Slope Panel In Fwd & Aft Cargo Compartment = 1/4", Scrivet Fastener Slope Panel In Fwd & Aft Cargo Compartment, Kit - Preset Tube Fitting, "Sleeve Set", (Not For Titanium Tubing) (Set Fo 25 Ea. Dies, Mandresl, & Clamps) . Still not sure we have the aircraft maintenance tooling parts you need? Call us directly or RFQ now to find out now.

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  • Part No Manufacturer Description RFQ
    TR31/1 boeing one channel rigmaster protractor system (economy version of the tr60-1) RFQ
    T5-8008-106-00 boeing tensiometer - cable range - 40-600 lbs for 1/8, 5/32, 3/16, & 1/4 cables RFQ
    ST991A-2-250 boeing scrivet fastener slope panel in fwd & aft cargo compartment = 1/4" RFQ
    ST991A-2 boeing scrivet fastener slope panel in fwd & aft cargo compartment RFQ
    ST879A boeing kit - preset tube fitting, "sleeve set", (not for titanium tubing) (set fo 25 ea. dies, mandresl, & clamps) RFQ
    ST2603-4 boeing wrench - bacn10jc internal hex (-x designates specific size, see drawing) RFQ
    PPFC-1H boeing head/cylinder assembly - amp copalum (from 8,500 psi to 9,000 psi / awg 8 - 00) RFQ
    NAV-2000R-70 boeing generator - nav/comm, signal (adf, marker beacon, vor, loc, glideslope, hf, vhf, selcal and uhf comm receivers) RFQ
    MODEL 5900 boeing supply - power provides, max output 70 va / continuous 50 va, 45 hz - 20 khz RFQ
    MODEL 43 boeing meter - rf power, thruline r.f. wattmeter. must request calibration certificate to nist. RFQ
    MODEL 111B boeing oxygen analyzer, portable, battery operated, acceptable for use in class i, division ii areas. includes hose/fitting to mate with boeing airplane nitrogen generation system oxygen test port. RFQ
    LL-5-3 boeing positioner - load, "ll" indicates lift & lower capability, 5=5000# capacity, 3=3 inch stroke ll-5-3 RFQ
    LIFTALLMESH7FT boeing sling - hot brake, type 1, wire mesh,galvanized high carbon; 6\" wide, 10 gage, 6 foot long mesh,7ft long over all. RFQ
    K32021-1 boeing eqpt - brake / eba (electric brake actuator) connector covers RFQ
    K26003-36 boeing test eqpt - engine fire extinguishing system. (applicability: rr engines only) RFQ
    K26003-35 boeing test eqpt - engine fire extinguishing system. (applicability: ge engines only) RFQ
    K21013-36 boeing forward cargo air conditioning pump equipment RFQ
    J53004-3 boeing wrench set-torque adjustment radome latch wrench hook assy parts of j53004-1 RFQ
    J53004-2 boeing wrench set-torque adjustment radome latch wrench bent assy parts of j53004-1 RFQ
    J52024-3 boeing test equip.-test pressure relief feature of service & control access door blow out latch mechanism RFQ
    J32011-3 boeing assembly - downlock, main landing gear (flyaway kit item) (kit has 4 lockpins) RFQ
    J27024-65 boeing equipment - sling, rudder RFQ
    HW93718 boeing jack - hydraulic, general low profile;capacity: 2000 lbs. lift: 10 to 44 inches RFQ
    HT2000-2-E/1-S-... boeing cart hydraulic test (5000 psi, 55 gpm, flowmeter accuracy 0.3% of measured value, 160 degree f fluid overtemp automatic shutdown) RFQ
    G87D boeing gun - lockbolt, 13/16 inch stroke and minimum of 6500 lb pulling capacity RFQ
    G71021-16 boeing drive extension-starter valve & pressure regulating & shut off valve (prsov) - pw4000 , jt9d & cf6-80c2b engine RFQ
    G57011-53 boeing bushing replacement kit - housing installation, fwd trunnion support, wlg RFQ
    G36035-36 boeing test box - pneu system health check hose & adapter kit use with g36035-1 RFQ
    G32011-1 boeing adapter - wrench, wing and body gear gland nut (oversized gland nut) RFQ
    G29014-1 boeing return extension adapter - ground service disconnect, l/r hydraulic systems (assembly g29014-2 is included in kit g29014-1) RFQ
    G28018-33 boeing fitting - cf6-80c2, genx-2b, pw4000, and pow4084 engine fuel feed manifold RFQ
    G27088-4 boeing support eqpt - variable chamber krueger and krueger flaps (g27088-4 mid-span support assy used on variable chamber krueger flaps numbers 6-10 & 17-21) RFQ
    G27088-2 boeing support eqpt - variable chamber krueger and krueger flaps (g27088-2 inbd support assy 2 used on krueger flaps numbers 12 & 15) RFQ
    G27088-1 boeing support eqpt - variable chamber krueger and krueger flaps (g27088-1 inbd support assy 1 used on krueger flaps numbers 13 & 14) RFQ
    G27079-1 boeing equipment - forward attach fitting, inboard trailing edge flaps RFQ
    G27075-1 boeing hoist frame eqpt - upper and lower rudder pca RFQ
    G26004-39 boeing extender card - electronic card file (for 41-pin connector card files) RFQ
    G25015-TBD boeing used to lift passenger seats through the stairway opening to the upper deck. RFQ
    G25012-1 boeing kit of wrenches to accomodate the different anti-rattle nuts on passenger seats RFQ
    G24016 boeing equipment - genx-2b engine idg (integrated drive generator) RFQ
    G20008 boeing personnel equipment - shock absorbing lanyard, engine / strut RFQ
    G01M9 boeing kit - crimp tool, (electrical/electronic) (general purpose repair at line stations) ref found in standard wire practices manual (swpm). RFQ
    G01M3 boeing kit, crimp tool - power & rf electrical connectors (consists of p/n g01m1 & g01m2) ref found in standard wire practices manual (swpm). RFQ
    G01M1 boeing kit - crimp tool, electrical power connectors ref found in standard wire practices manual (swpm). RFQ
    EX370-2 boeing adapter - square drive, 1/4" hex to 3/8" male (alt cargo door operation) RFQ
    ED-1100 boeing tester - eddy current (microprocessor controlled) selectable range from 100 hz to 6 mhz RFQ
    DMC221MOD1 boeing kit - crimp tool, (electrical/electronic) ref found in standard wire practices manual (swpm). RFQ
    DMC106A boeing tool kit - tcas connector service, universal (bendix / king, rockwell collins, honeywell tcas) RFQ
    DLT40PSAK3300 boeing accessory kit (use only with dltfrpskt3000), boeing commercial - size 16 insp gage and head assy, size 3-24 marking tool RFQ
    DIN-7263 boeing system - 28:1 airless pump cart (different application wands available) RFQ
    BOF65B00763 boeing fixture - boring, blg trunnion fitting rework (available only on lease/rental from boeing). RFQ
    B28005-41 boeing pressure plug equip.-fuel sys relief valve door opening & surge tank vents in lower outbd wing RFQ
    AY969-00666-002 boeing cable - collins lra-900 r/t interface triplex cable (for 3 ra r/t's, but works for 2 ra's also) RFQ
    APHN-6-6F boeing adapter - interfaces with amch6 fitting on second crew oxygen bottle for pressure test RFQ
    AMCH-6 boeing plug - terminates a line containing the aphn6 quick disconnect connection RFQ
    A78025-93 boeing breakout box - test, thrust reverser (for mil-c-5015 and mil-c- 26500 type circular connector RFQ
    A78018-11 boeing sling-remove & install thrust reverser translating sleeve fr cf6-80c2 engine RFQ
    A78013-11 boeing sling-remove & install engine exhaust sleeve for cf6-80c2 for b767 & pw4000 for b747 engines RFQ
    A78012-1 boeing wrench crowfoot-remove & instl flow divider coupling nuts on cowl support RFQ
    A78008-16 boeing sling -remove jt9d-7r4d or pw4000 series thrust reverser sleeve on wing RFQ
    A32102-25 boeing test fixture-accurately measure angle of attack sensor deflection on airplane RFQ
    A27097-1 boeing adapter-protractor, measure angular displacement of thrust reverser lever RFQ
    A27063-95 boeing adapter cable assembly - flight control (flap/spoiler/column/wheel/spdbrk/tla) RFQ
    A27063-20 boeing adapter cable assembly - flight control (flap/spoiler/column/wheel) RFQ
    A27063-19 boeing adapter cable assembly - flight control (aileron/elevator/rudder/column/wheel) RFQ
    A27063-18 boeing adapter cable assembly - flight control (aileron/elevator/rudder/column/wheel) RFQ
    A26004-1 boeing plug equip.-discharge nozzle of cargo compt f.e. sys during pressure test RFQ
    A26002-97 boeing adapter cable - time delay, cargo fire extinguishing bottle test box RFQ
    A24011-1 boeing hoist adapter assy-remove & install integrated drive generator fr pw, ge & rr engine RFQ
    9780-0327 boeing cart - portable hydraulic, system test, 3000 psi, 30 gpm, reservoir capacity 80 u.s. gallons RFQ
    6633K-01 boeing swage kit - roller, hand; 1/4 to 1" dia. stainless steel or titanium tubing RFQ
    604-142 boeing probe - thickness measurement, eddy current method, pencil type, model fta3.3h RFQ
    5254-1 boeing drive tool - 5254-1 (for alemite 1646b and 1992b lubrication angle fittings) RFQ
    508747 boeing adapter - probe pitot static (for probes with both extended and non-extended struts) RFQ
    31831-531 boeing net - cargo: 88 in./ 96 in. x 125 in. x 96 in high 88 x 125 - nas3610-2ain ; 96 x 125 - nas3610-2m21 RFQ
    2ME65B00002 boeing wrench spanner-adj. safety lanyard tiedown, lock receptacles flush w/skin on wing & stabilizer RFQ
    22650-PP-1/4 boeing nozzle - trigger t-jet spraying operating pressure and temperature are 100 psig and 150 degree fahrenheit RFQ
    2025 boeing tool - locator, for p/n 140n2021-1 drain valve retainers (applicable to all models for a/c with removable drain valves) RFQ
    160 boeing gun - oil servicing for skydrol or hyjet fluids for aircraft hydraulic systems RFQ
    101-AC9 boeing breakout box eqpt - position sensors, flt ctrl rigging (see dwg a27063 for selecting applicable cable(s)) RFQ
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