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The First PCIe NVMe SSD Made by Adata

Adata just announced that their gaming division is releasing the first SSD with Intel’s 3D MLC, the first PCIe NVMe SSD ADATA has ever produced. So Adata has stated that they will be featuring a sleek M.2 two-sided form factor with their XPG SX8000 which has been designed specifically in order for gamers to break the SATA performance barrier. This drive is the first of its kind to handle a 3D MLC NAND. On top of that, this is a MLC that is designed with an LDPC error correction. Adata and Intel manufacturer has decided that the first few shipments are going to be of small quantities, however, later on there will be a larger shipment or shipments. There is also going to be a 1TB option available at a later stage which will be ideal for those who have large data to store.

Few months before the announcement of the new PCIe NVMe SSD there was an announcement for the TX3 by Micron Technology which was supposed to be released by June, 3 months prior to the release of the SX8000, was canceled and this makes the new SX8000 the first SSD with Intel’s 3D MLC NAND which is still yet to be tested in the lab but there has been suggestions that the company’s decision to load the drive with an LDPC error correction can bring more details and feedback to the company than testing lab would. There has been a number of times that LDPC was used in order to increase precision and also to lower the costs, it’s still a necessary part of the technology to ensure good processing of the technology.

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