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Cloud Technology and IT Hardware Industry is Powering Up

According to a study surveying 100 senior-level executives from IT vendors and resellers, their revenue in 2020 will mostly come from hardware sales. This will be possible as users continue to adopt the cloud for storage. People are led to the cloud because of how practical and easy it is to use. Though data stored in the cloud is always accessible to its user, that data must be stored somewhere, and that leads to the increase in demand for hardware. This demands does not come from individual users but from big cloud firms like Amazon and Microsoft that need cloud environments for their users. These two companies have recently opened data centers in the United Kingdom.

Another shift trend found in the same study focused on how resellers are expected to sell 35% more multi-vendor solutions, and this is how “resellers are taking back control from vendors”. Performance is what is most important for consumers, and IT hardware parts providers of any kind need to make sure they meet customer expectations.

AFR Enterprises has been developed as a competitive resource in the aviation and IT hardware component market. AFR is meant to help customers looking for hard to find parts with long lead times at competitive prices. Traditional franchised distributors sell what they have in stock at retail prices and deliver the parts. AFR Enterprises has a more detailed purchasing cycle to ensure customers can negotiate a price they can afford, consider alternate parts, and schedule a flexible delivery time. AFR is customer-focused, something that is hard to find. To contact a representative and request a quote for any part in AFR’s large inventory of aviation parts, contact 1-714-705-4780.



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