As IT hardware devices become more powerful, the need for cooling systems through IC motor parts are becoming more important. Refusing to upgrade electronic components such as cooling parts, hardware systems is at risk of overheating, causing damage. With heavy application use, making sure IC motor parts, Toshiba electrical parts, and electronic parts from Toshiba should be up to date, ensuring proper usage and longevity of hardware systems. Read more >>

Posted on June 22, 2018 John Smith Electronic components

STMicroelectronics brings a new developed board to the market with less power consumption than before, this is very critical for saving energy and creating a long lasting products. STMicroelectronics is giving developers a chance to explore and evaluate Low-Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology. Also, the board is designed using the lowest power technology such as the LoRaWan module which is available in the market today. The size of the board is very small and the power consumption is around 1.2µA. There are different electronic components and modules such as Murata that integrates an STM32L072CZ micro-controller (MCU). This model utilizes an improved modem which allows low power and long range spread-spectrum communication as it is using a minimum amount of power consumption. Also, the module is designed to be an open source so developers have access to the STM32L072 MCU. Read more >>

Posted on March 15, 2017 John Smith Electronic components

Electronic components are always changing and developing to the better, every year the electronic devices and components are being improved. Flex Logix has signed a deal with DARPA to allow government agencies that design ICs for the government, the US government, to use Flex Logix’s EFLX arrays. Flex Logix is allowing EFLX arrays in TSMC 16FFC process node from 2.5K to 122.5K LUTs in order to allow government companies and agencies to reconfigure RTL during any point of their design process. Chip designers will appreciate this kind of freedom because it will allow them to innovate more freely and come up with a high performance design, save energy in the process and even decrease the size and weight of their chip system. This will also allow designers to create chips that can work on multiple applications and upgrade the chip when it’s being used already. Read more >>

Posted on February 6, 2017 John Smith Electronic components

On September 5th 2016, Peggy Lee wrote an article for New Electronics talking about how carbon nanotube transistors have been found to outperform silicon. This study was founded by researchers at the University of Wisconsin Madison lab. At this lab, material engineers were able to outperform the silicon transistors by 1.9 times in terms of currents. This is considered a huge breakdown for those in the nanotechnology industry. This was something that has been considered a dream for over 20 years for those in the industry. Here is what Professor Michael Arnold has said about the findings. "This achievement has been a dream of nanotechnology for the last 20 years. The hype and importance of carbon nanotubes is much realized yet, and that has kind of soured many people's outlook. But we think the hype is deserved. It has just taken decades of work for the materials science to catch up and allow us to effectively harness these materials. This breakthrough in carbon nanotube transistor performance is a critical advance toward exploiting carbon nanotubes in logic, high-speed communications, and other semiconductor electronics technologies." Not only are the carbon nanotube transistors able to outperform silicon transistors by 1.9 times in terms of currents, the actual performance of the carbon nanotubes is roughly 5 times faster. In addition to this, the carbon nanotubes are also five times better in terms of energy efficiency. In doing so, this could amount to huge gains in terms of bandwidth speeds of wireless communication devices. Read more >>

Posted on September 26, 2016 John Smith Electronic components

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