Honeywell Aerospace

Honeywell, a company that invents and manufactures technologies addressing some of the world’s largest challenges regarding energy, safety, security, global urbanization and productivity, was recently contracted by Cathay Pacific, a large airline company based out of Hong Kong, to deploy Honeywell’s part ‘GoDirect Connected Aircraft maintenance’. Honeywell’s aircraft part program combines the airplane’s connectivity, data analytics and product knowledge to predict when mechanical parts need to be replaced or fixed. This Honeywell part can diminish systems that do not operate by up to 35 percent, causing the cost of disruptive and annoying maintenance. This Honeywell part also reduces the risk of flight cancellation and makes customers lives easier by reducing the risk of delays. Honeywell’s airplane part will help Cathay Pacific support their commitment to customers by reducing the risk of disruptions solely caused by aircraft operating systems. Honeywell will be saving Cathay Pacific hundreds of thousands of dollars in operational and reactive maintenance that would have been unavoidable. If this trail with Honeywell parts goes well Cathay Pacific will more than likely extend the program to its fleet of Boeing B777’s.

Honeywell claims that this aircraft part will allow airlines to be able to put the passenger experience first, while still allowing the aircraft to become a more all-inclusive and agile platform that makes flying safer, cost effective and more efficient for both customers and Cathay Pacific. Overall this system allows for airplane maintenance to be scheduled ahead of time rather than being scheduled unexpectedly. Honeywell eventually plans to expand this technology to other parts of the aircraft including wheels, brakes and environmental control systems. This makes Cathay pacific a leader in the shift to predictive flying. This Honeywell aircraft part is aiding the aviation industry in turning digital, a transformation sparked using the big data analytics and the internet. This technology means less cancelled and delayed flights which means more satisfied and delighted customers.

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Pressure Sensors

Researchers from the Korean Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology developed a method to make transistor-type active-matrix pressure sensors using foldable substrates and air-dielectric layers.

It is a 3D sensor and is said to detect wide pressure ranges, from a finger touch to human body weight, and to achieve an electrical signal based on the sensed touch actions. All of this while consuming far less electricity than traditional pressure sensors.

According to the researchers, most transistors are created with a silicon channel and silicon oxide-based dielectrics. However, these transistors have been found to be either lacking transparency or flexibility, which obstructs the development of highly-integrated pressure sensor host and transparent IC device pressure sensors.

The Institute team decided to use highly conductive and transparent IC device graphene transistors with air-dielectric layers to create the sensors. Jang-Ung Professor Park explains, "Using air as the dielectric layer in graphene FETs can significantly improve transistor performance due to the clean interface between graphene channel and air. The thickness of the air-dielectric layers is determined by the applied pressure. With that technology, it is possible to detect pressure changes far more effectively."

In this transistor, the force pressing the elastic body is transferred to the air-dielectric layer and changes its thickness. The development in the thickness are transformed into an electrical signal and transmitted via metal nanowires and the graphene channel, expressing both the position and the intensity of the pressure.

PhD student Sangyoon Ji explains, "This sensor is capable of simultaneously measuring anything from lower pressure, such as gentle tapping, to high pressure, such as human body weight. It can be applied to 3D touchscreen panels or smart running shoes."

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PC Components

IDG News Service reported an overall increase in PC cost due to a shortage in components. Gianfranco Lanci the COO of Lenovo says there is a worldwide shortage in solid state drives, dynamic random access memory, batteries, and liquid crystal displays. Not what you would expect from the seemingly ever expanding tech world that has integrated with us so seamlessly. The shortage of components is pushing up computer prices as is the shrinking PC market.

The PC market is shrinking. User are not buying new machines like they used to. Whether it’s because PCs have reached a point where the average user has all the capabilities they need, or because machines are higher quality is up for debate. To counter this PC makers like Lenovo are restricting their customization options. If you want an increased amount of storage you also have to increase your CPU and working memory as well. This jump from the tier 3 to tier 2 model will cost you a cool $400. Sure a tech savy person can upgrade their devices with individual components as a cost saving strategy. That runs the risk of compatibility issues and an invalid warranty. This is out of the average person’s skillset anyhow, especially when it comes to small compact units like smartphones and laptops. They are not as simple to upgrade as PC towers.

Even with PC sales declining the good news to IT hardware manufactures is that the younger generation is willing to spend more for top of the line specs. Gamers and video editors are a major target these days to PC manufactures. Jobs that are based around high quality content generation demand high performance machines and tech savvy millennials are willing to pay.

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When computer processors first came out they have changed the world as we know it, they were super big and super expensive, but scientists and business men have predicted that computer prices are going to go down exponentially. They were right. Computer hardware and Intel IT parts have been declining in prices in an incredible way. As production increases it is natural for the prices to drop because the availability of the materials becomes abundant. When computer processors first came out companies started competing against each other because the whole world is being run by computers these days, and it doesn’t stop there because computer technology is getting better and better every day. For example, our cell phones have become computers on their own and they can process information very fluently and efficiently. It doesn’t stop there because we notice computer processors are becoming part of everything else beside a computer such as TVs, cars, airplanes, watches, toys and many other.

Intel has been a great company that makes one of the best computer processors and spare parts out there, there are other companies that reach the level of Intel but it doesn’t stop there because innovation, curiosity drives these companies to always bring something new and make their technology better. Lately, there has been some rumors that Intel might be dropping their prices down because their competition is releasing new processors that can put Intel in less favored position.

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ST Microelectronics Board

STMicroelectronics brings a new developed board to the market with less power consumption than before, this is very critical for saving energy and creating a long lasting products. STMicroelectronics is giving developers a chance to explore and evaluate Low-Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology. Also, the board is designed using the lowest power technology such as the LoRaWan module which is available in the market today. The size of the board is very small and the power consumption is around 1.2µA. There are different electronic components and modules such as Murata that integrates an STM32L072CZ micro-controller (MCU). This model utilizes an improved modem which allows low power and long range spread-spectrum communication as it is using a minimum amount of power consumption. Also, the module is designed to be an open source so developers have access to the STM32L072 MCU.

Electronic components are very important today because everybody depends on it. Electronics parts manufacturers have become one of the largest industries in the world because of how important they are to our daily lives. Having said that, producing a huge number of anything can be damaging to our ecosystem and that is why STMicroelectronics are doing their effort in producing an eco-friendly product that can be used without causing damage to the our ecosystem. For example, saving power is a very important way of saving the ecosystem, the materials also are as important.

ASAP Semiconductor is a competitive distributor of all kind of parts and we specialize in finding solutions for our customers to supply those hard to find parts and for low prices. We have created a platform to make finding parts easier, we deal with Computer hardware parts at AFR Enterprises, so if you are looking for parts and need pricing and availability then submit a request for quote online at with your part number and quantity and we will respond to you with a quote shortly after. You can also submit your request via email at with your part number and you can receive a quote that way. If you want to speak with a sales representative then you can call us at +1-714-705-4780.

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Apple Facial Recognition

In a move reminiscent of Facebook’s 2012 purchase of a facial recognition company; Apple has purchased an Israeli facial recognition company called RealFace. The ten-employee company buyout was valued at two million dollars. Back in 2012 Facebook’s plan was to use its petabyte library of photos as reference to identify people when viewed through a phone’s camera. Thankfully it was suppressed by security administrations in the US and Europe. Apple seems to be moving in a different direction than Facebook, using the technology as a security measure.

Apple will undoubtedly use its software as a method of unlocking the iPhone in conjunction to the fingerprint scanner. Apple’s touch ID software has been an IT industry innovation and highly favored over the traditional passcode. Phones can be unlocked faster and conveniently without looking at the screen. Facial recognition will add another layer of security to iPhone and MacBook users. A year ago Apple purchased another facial recognition company that can identify users emotions. There is no word, as of yet, how facial cues will be used with the software.

Traditionally facial recognition has been used in security systems often with fingerprint or iris recognition. As hackers get better and better it is important to increase security on all electronic belongings. Considering that a cellphone can easily contain everything a thief would need to steal an identity, extra security measures should be more than welcome—as long as they do not inconvenience the user. Some are speculating that Apple will drop the fingerprint scanner altogether on the iPhone 8, in reality it is more likely that it will be used as a secondary security measure. The facial recognition software is also used in augmented reality “selfies,” as seen in the popular app SnapChat. Apple may be incorporating similar themes in its own platforms like Messages and Facetime.

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self driving car

Self-driving vehicles are what every competitor in the automotive industry wants to master. Everyone is trying to come out with self-driving cars but with that comes a lot of stress and liability because it is being driven by a computer. I think it is going to be a hard thing for us as human beings to adapt but I think with time it will just be normal.

These new vehicles are going to be a great help to those who are visually impaired because it’s going to allow them to do something they have never done before. To make this happen they are going to need robotics, drones, smart manufacturing, and distance measurements. This new technology is going to use for real time, 3-D detection, location, and warning of obstacles under all environmental conditions. These warning include the simplest things like smoke, dust, fog, heavy rain, snow and even darkness. It will even be able to tell if you are in an indoor or outdoor environment.

This project is going to take a lot of knowledge, opinions, and dedication so involved in the project are nine partners and planned to take 3 years. One big task that they are dealing with is miniaturizing and reducing the power composition of the sensors. And after being reduces they will be integrated with the inertial measurement unit, environmental sensing, wireless communications, signal processing, data processing, data fusion and a user interface.

The focus of the project is to help those that are visually impaired by giving 3D spatial sound feedback of obstacles real direction and range. These vehicles will have many awareness’s to communicate with the driver like smart traffic lights, navigation beacons and ID tags associated. This project will not work without the trust of certified parts, something that we assure here at ASAP. There are many projects in this world that need reliable parts and that is one thing that we focus on here at asap.

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Ryzen CPU

The new AMD Ryzen is set to arrive in march it has no window 7 support and is smaller than Skylake. One of the best new features about this new AMD Ryzen is the price is affordable compared to other models and that is one of its best features.

All of the three new models come with 8 cores and 16 threads you have the Model Ryzen 7 1800X, Ryzen 1700X and the Ryzen 7 1700. The new Ryzen is compared too the Intel $1049 with a core i7-6900k same great performance but less cost.

Another Good feature that the Ryzen 7 1700 has is the 65 watt and comes with a boot clock speed of 3.7Ghz and it cost only $317 dollars.  The Ryzen is around 70 % cheaper than the Intel Chip with has the same click speed at TDP of 140W.

The Ryzen 7 1700X comes with a boost of 3.8 Ghz and has the TDP of 95 watts the 1700X comes in at $382 dollars with is a step up from the normal 7 1700 model. The 1700X comes with the flagship 3.6Ghz/4.0Ghz 1800X and the top of the line model cost $490 dollars.

The old Ryzen model 5 series and 4 series will make a dent in Intel’s global market share. Recent Report stat that the New AMD Ryzen will be supporting window 7 drivers but while AMD did the test on the processor for the older OS system they wont be supporting for the new most updated version of windows.

The New window 10 will support the new AMD Ryzen desktop processor it will help achieve the best speeds and processing times.

One of the greatest features on this AMD Ryzen is less space and it offers twice the amount of cache space compared too Skylake Chips. Both of the CPU are manufacture on the 14nm process, the Processor is 10 percent smaller than Intel’s and comes with twice the L2 cache.

AFR Enterprises Specializes  in Computer Semiconductor field and has update latest technology in stock and  has all your AMD Ryzen parts you need in stock.

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Computer Industry growth

The computer industry has been on the rise since the early 1900s when processors have been invented, scientists predicted that technology is going to grow and develop exponentially. They were right; if we look at the price drop in computer hardware and how that has impacted the size of computers today you can see clearly that this is true. The amount of computing technology that was found to take a space ship to the moon in the 1960s can be found in your cell phone today. This is just one way to look at it but what the semiconductor industry has for 2016 is going to be a breakthrough and exciting for the computing industry. There is a lot of talk and debate around virtual reality and how it can be utilized in the future. Some are suggesting that this is going to be a big hit in 2017 and there are already developers working on developing apps that will make virtual reality headsets a big hit.

Virtual reality headsets are going to be high in price but the high-end headsets and PCs are going to be on hold, buyers are excited for the apps to come out but they are not if the low cost virtual reality smart phone apps are going to meet high quality standards or they might be just not to standards. IT Industry news and IT evolution in 2016 have predicted that this is going to happen when AMD is trying to bring down cost of 2.5-D chip stacks that can bring high-end GPUs next to stacks of memory on silicon substrate. When AMD and Intel decided to make a move towards this latest technology there was already few companies that are going to have their chips ready in 2017.

AFR Enterprises is a global distributor of parts that deals with computer hardware and much more, AFR Enterprises is a platform created by ASAP Semiconductor that can make looking for parts easy. If you are looking for a part and need a quote then submit a request for quote at online and you will receive a quote shortly. You can also email us at or speak with a sales representative at +1-714-705-4780.

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DRPA & Flex Logix

Electronic components are always changing and developing to the better, every year the electronic devices and components are being improved. Flex Logix has signed a deal with DARPA to allow government agencies that design ICs for the government, the US government, to use Flex Logix’s EFLX arrays. Flex Logix is allowing EFLX arrays in TSMC 16FFC process node from 2.5K to 122.5K LUTs in order to allow government companies and agencies to reconfigure RTL during any point of their design process. Chip designers will appreciate this kind of freedom because it will allow them to innovate more freely and come up with a high performance design, save energy in the process and even decrease the size and weight of their chip system. This will also allow designers to create chips that can work on multiple applications and upgrade the chip when it’s being used already.

Using FPGA technology brings completely a new way to design chips, Flex Logix has stated that they are so pleased to be working with DARPA and being able to configure RTL at any time is a huge bonus compared to the traditional development cost and lead time that otherwise would have been expensive. Now Flex Logix can target multiple customers and applications in a very short period and for less cost. They can also extend the life chips, designers are very appreciative of this change because it allows them to meet their customer’s requirements quickly and change any standards if they have to.

AFR Enterprises is a global distributor of all kinds of parts including computer hardware and electronics and aviation components. AFR Enterprises is a platform that is designed to make finding parts much easier and quicker. We deal with Computer hardware parts at AFR Enterprises and if you are looking for a part and need a quote then you can submit a request online at  Also send information about your required part number and any information that you need for the part you are looking for. You can also reach us by email at and submit more information if you like or a larger list of part numbers. Also if you would like to speak with a sales representative then you can call us at 714-705-4780.

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