HP Printer Cartridges

HP is the fifth largest information technology company in the world, they are well known for their computers, printers and printer parts. Many companies and individuals rely on them for everyday business and life, so when they make large decisions it impacts a lot of people. A perfect example of the impact of their decisions was their stealth firmware which disallowed their printers to be used with another company’s ink cartridges. Most customers were outraged by the behind the scenes scheme they felt was being put in place by HP. It was an automatic download that was done, in many cases, without the customer’s knowledge.

One day their printer was working smoothly, and the next day they were locked out and told there was a damaged or incorrect cartridge causing the issue. Like in most scenarios, those who understood the ins and outs of printers found a backway into the system to log back in and continue business per usual.

For those who did not share that deep knowledge for printers or technology, they were forced to buy the overpriced HP ink cartridges. HP soon realized how angry they had made their customers, and discontinued the block on third party ink printer cartridges. About a year later, there was rumor that HP was considering reinstating the lockout.

This news spread, and customers were angered once more. However, HP’s spokesperson came out and let everyone know that HP was not planning on going back to their old ways. This allowed customers and companies to relax a little, including HP hardware parts distributors. Distributors were impacted the most by the lockout, bot good and bad. These distributors allow customers to receive HP parts, along with many other brands, at reasonable prices.

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Graphic Cards

The best desktop for gaming starts off with a good processor. In the market today, the leading processors include Intel's 8th generation Cor processors which possess a huge X-Series chip and AMD's now Ryzen 7-5-3 and Thredripper CPUs.

Once the processor and motherboard is set, it is important to choose a good graphic card. The two leaders in this market are Nvidia and AMD. Third party companies include MSI, Asus, Sapphire and more whore produce add in graphic cards. Nvidia is an excellent choice because they manufacture models that cannot be added on my third parties (known as their Founders Edition). AMD on the other hand creates a design for their partners to modify and use to their choosing.

AMD and Nvidia are head to head regarding their graphic cards. Nvidia was in the lead when they released their Titan XP, but once AMD released their Radeon RX Vega 64, the company again started taking the lead in the graphics card industry. AMD is at the top regarding performance per dollar, but their features come at a high-power necessity. AMD's Vega also lacks memory bandwidth and pixel fill rates. Despite these setbacks, the Vega 64 still provides improved performance for users who are using a liquid based cooling system rather than an air based one.

Nvidia's GTX 1080 and 1070 graphics card were the first cards to be introduced that are founded on Nvidia's Pascal design. The 1080 models are Nvidia's best designed graphics cards in the marker that are under the price of $1,199.00. The 1070 cards are rivaled by Radeon's RX Vega 65 graphics cards. The 1070 offers a wider memory bandwidth, but this wider memory requires greater power.

Nvidia's GTX 1060 graphics cards provide around 6GB of memory along with 1,280 cores. AMD's RX 500 series, which is based on an older design (GCN 4), offers extremely affordable graphics to the mainstream market and users while still offering high resolution games.

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Diode Waveguide Switches

Pasternack a world renown microwave engineers company has released their new line of wave guide switches. These new innovative electrical diode switches have been equipped with a reflective design to be able to transmit a broadband frequency that will enhance speed with maximum potential.

Newly innovative E and W-band PIN diode waveguide switches are brought together for various capabilities that will enhance the entire industry with only a couple of parts added. Capabilities such as development, research, radar front end applications, telecommunications, and testing instruments.

The diodes configurations consist of four models with WR10 and WR12 waveguide ports that are capable of transmitting E-band (60-90GHZ) and W-band (75-110GHz) signals.

Pasternack has found a way to create a low loss Fin-line assembly that has a high-performance GaAs beam-lead diode. In doing so the it creates a 4dB typical insertion loss along with enhanced switching speed lower than speeds of 300nsec.

The Diode switches are required to have input power levels of 0.5dBm and must have a dual voltage bias of +5/-5VDC.

These switches are very unique by bringing together a switch and a control module configuration to the market and has is able to bring its maximum potential through the temperatures of -55 to 85co. The switches are also installed with a TTL driver circuitry along with a SMA connector control port for user friendly support.

Per a statement made by Product Manager at Pasternack is very certain that their products will not only meet customers product expectations but can fulfill orders with no minimum purchase order. Procuring more items such as Filters, Mixers, Noise Sources, Rotary Joints, Switches and many more. Pasternack products have been a enormous part of microwave industry for many years and many years to come.

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Huber Suhner

RF cable company, Huber+ Suhner have released a new addition to their halogen free cable family for a more ecofriendly presence. Being an addition to an already existing halogen free family series the new Enviroflex cable is most cost efficient and less costly to procure. The reason for the production of the Enviroflex family is to be able to switch any cable that may be RG compatible, typically made of fluorine/ PVC, to be able to switch over to a halogen free one. This halogen free connector will still allow for other existing connectors to be used at the simultaneously.

In efforts of being more cost-efficient HUBER + SUHNER, have decided to use ordinary PE dielectrics and LSFH jackets for parts that aren’t required for advanced programing. The cable has been made with fire preventive material which creates a low chance of smoke or fire to up rise in due chance of flames.

Along with many new traits that have been implanted to reduce prices one of the major keys that allows for H+S to be so successful the use of tin plated braids appose to commonly used silver braids. The use of the tin braids causes the braid to be more agile, more inexpensive and better for the bargain user. The tin allows the highest temperature reach 85oC , causing a reduction from the previously used cables.

Enviroflex have created an exclusive lining to be able to distinguish their cables. A blue lining with small “H” s that streak down from end to end. Envorflex continues to grow and promote their name with their latest lines of new innovative and ecofriendly cable series that have been able revolutionize cables and also better the environment.

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Threadripper CPU

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) a renown semiconductor company has released their personal method on to their production of their thread ripper CPUs. AMD currently makes a thread ripper CPU containing 4 Dies and was curious to see what would happen in the delidding process would cause. Despite the expertise of an over clocker the chip was lost.

Der8auer was one to conduct the delidding which was able to see that the AMD would apply 4 dies on every one of their thread ripper CPUs. The delidding process ruined some of the applications that the CPU had to offer.

“What the delid showed was that AMD had put four dies on the package, but only two of them were apparently active, as opposed to using four cores across each die for a total of 16.”

This left many of these experts confused but where able to conclude on the answer. The reason for the four dies placed upon manufacturing is used as a balancing mechanism for the packaging.

Although some might continue to use the four die configuration many along with AMD, prefer not . Per a test ran on a Ryzen 7 1800X with a 2+2 and a 4+0 showed that it barely had an effect on its capability.

The two-die configuration will often create space between the chips and therefore creating a compressed hot spot formation. Continuously mistaken, the two die aren’t exactly “chips” that do indeed require more support applied then most.

Many different types of CPU chips don’t offer everything what one looks for but should be applied for the specific task the consumer is needing. AMD has found a way to mimic the same type of specification using a different CPU.

They have discovered that, ”The same CCX configurations that power Epyc also power Ryzen 3, though these chips are tested to different specifications and intended for vastly different markets.”

This will and can separate them from competion by tapping into a different market all while being able to perform the same type of work.

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King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) is located in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia and is a private research university. In 2003, KAUST was reported to be one of the fastest growing research and citation records in the world. Their mind is set upon people’s safety and that is the reason why the team is using 3D printing functionality to develop a low-cost, dependable system to signal danger. Early warnings in a critique hazard incident, such as forest fire or chemical leak, is the only way to save people’s lives.

Relying on satellite monitoring, watch towers or expensive fixed sensors, this is how existing early warning systems get their job done. On the other hand, a team led by Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering Atif Shamim developed a system that functions by saturating high-risk areas with expendable packages of sensors that are linked wirelessly to fewer secured nodes that raise the alarm.

Shamim says they chose 3D- and inkjet-printing, the "next revolution in industrial manufacturing," because they are additive processes, making them quick, cheap and environmentally friendly.

"Material is deposited in precise quantities only at the desired location," he explained. "Traditional manufacturing methods take bulk material and gradually remove material to realize the final shape, resulting in significant wastage."

Ph.D. student Muhammad Farooqui created the node and tested it in loth lab and field. The results were positive after being dropped from a height and temperatures up to 70°C. Shamim believes this is good enough to send an early warning in cases of wild fires.

In the future, the team will develop a single machine, which will exceptionally lower manufacturing time, but for the moment the nodes are created using an incorporation of 3D and inkjet printing because no 3D printer can precisely deposit all the data into the complex design.

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Honeywell Aerospace

Honeywell, a company that invents and manufactures technologies addressing some of the world’s largest challenges regarding energy, safety, security, global urbanization and productivity, was recently contracted by Cathay Pacific, a large airline company based out of Hong Kong, to deploy Honeywell’s part ‘GoDirect Connected Aircraft maintenance’. Honeywell’s aircraft part program combines the airplane’s connectivity, data analytics and product knowledge to predict when mechanical parts need to be replaced or fixed. This Honeywell part can diminish systems that do not operate by up to 35 percent, causing the cost of disruptive and annoying maintenance. This Honeywell part also reduces the risk of flight cancellation and makes customers lives easier by reducing the risk of delays. Honeywell’s airplane part will help Cathay Pacific support their commitment to customers by reducing the risk of disruptions solely caused by aircraft operating systems. Honeywell will be saving Cathay Pacific hundreds of thousands of dollars in operational and reactive maintenance that would have been unavoidable. If this trail with Honeywell parts goes well Cathay Pacific will more than likely extend the program to its fleet of Boeing B777’s.

Honeywell claims that this aircraft part will allow airlines to be able to put the passenger experience first, while still allowing the aircraft to become a more all-inclusive and agile platform that makes flying safer, cost effective and more efficient for both customers and Cathay Pacific. Overall this system allows for airplane maintenance to be scheduled ahead of time rather than being scheduled unexpectedly. Honeywell eventually plans to expand this technology to other parts of the aircraft including wheels, brakes and environmental control systems. This makes Cathay pacific a leader in the shift to predictive flying. This Honeywell aircraft part is aiding the aviation industry in turning digital, a transformation sparked using the big data analytics and the internet. This technology means less cancelled and delayed flights which means more satisfied and delighted customers.

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Pressure Sensors

Researchers from the Korean Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology developed a method to make transistor-type active-matrix pressure sensors using foldable substrates and air-dielectric layers.

It is a 3D sensor and is said to detect wide pressure ranges, from a finger touch to human body weight, and to achieve an electrical signal based on the sensed touch actions. All of this while consuming far less electricity than traditional pressure sensors.

According to the researchers, most transistors are created with a silicon channel and silicon oxide-based dielectrics. However, these transistors have been found to be either lacking transparency or flexibility, which obstructs the development of highly-integrated pressure sensor host and transparent IC device pressure sensors.

The Institute team decided to use highly conductive and transparent IC device graphene transistors with air-dielectric layers to create the sensors. Jang-Ung Professor Park explains, "Using air as the dielectric layer in graphene FETs can significantly improve transistor performance due to the clean interface between graphene channel and air. The thickness of the air-dielectric layers is determined by the applied pressure. With that technology, it is possible to detect pressure changes far more effectively."

In this transistor, the force pressing the elastic body is transferred to the air-dielectric layer and changes its thickness. The development in the thickness are transformed into an electrical signal and transmitted via metal nanowires and the graphene channel, expressing both the position and the intensity of the pressure.

PhD student Sangyoon Ji explains, "This sensor is capable of simultaneously measuring anything from lower pressure, such as gentle tapping, to high pressure, such as human body weight. It can be applied to 3D touchscreen panels or smart running shoes."

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PC Components

IDG News Service reported an overall increase in PC cost due to a shortage in components. Gianfranco Lanci the COO of Lenovo says there is a worldwide shortage in solid state drives, dynamic random access memory, batteries, and liquid crystal displays. Not what you would expect from the seemingly ever expanding tech world that has integrated with us so seamlessly. The shortage of components is pushing up computer prices as is the shrinking PC market.

The PC market is shrinking. User are not buying new machines like they used to. Whether it’s because PCs have reached a point where the average user has all the capabilities they need, or because machines are higher quality is up for debate. To counter this PC makers like Lenovo are restricting their customization options. If you want an increased amount of storage you also have to increase your CPU and working memory as well. This jump from the tier 3 to tier 2 model will cost you a cool $400. Sure a tech savy person can upgrade their devices with individual components as a cost saving strategy. That runs the risk of compatibility issues and an invalid warranty. This is out of the average person’s skillset anyhow, especially when it comes to small compact units like smartphones and laptops. They are not as simple to upgrade as PC towers.

Even with PC sales declining the good news to IT hardware manufactures is that the younger generation is willing to spend more for top of the line specs. Gamers and video editors are a major target these days to PC manufactures. Jobs that are based around high quality content generation demand high performance machines and tech savvy millennials are willing to pay.

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When computer processors first came out they have changed the world as we know it, they were super big and super expensive, but scientists and business men have predicted that computer prices are going to go down exponentially. They were right. Computer hardware and Intel IT parts have been declining in prices in an incredible way. As production increases it is natural for the prices to drop because the availability of the materials becomes abundant. When computer processors first came out companies started competing against each other because the whole world is being run by computers these days, and it doesn’t stop there because computer technology is getting better and better every day. For example, our cell phones have become computers on their own and they can process information very fluently and efficiently. It doesn’t stop there because we notice computer processors are becoming part of everything else beside a computer such as TVs, cars, airplanes, watches, toys and many other.

Intel has been a great company that makes one of the best computer processors and spare parts out there, there are other companies that reach the level of Intel but it doesn’t stop there because innovation, curiosity drives these companies to always bring something new and make their technology better. Lately, there has been some rumors that Intel might be dropping their prices down because their competition is releasing new processors that can put Intel in less favored position.

ASAP Semiconductor is a proud global distributor of all kind of parts including AMD Ryzen Processor and Intel IT parts, we thrive to find solutions to our customers in terms of providing them with parts that are hard to find and for low prices. In our efforts to stay competitive we have created a platform that makes finding parts much easier, we deal with Computer hardware parts at AFR Enterprises and if you are looking for prices and availability then send us a request for quote online at afrenterprises.com with your part number and quantity and we will send you a quote shortly after. You can also send your request via email at sales@afrenterprises.com and one of our sales representatives will email you a quote right away or you can speak with a sales representative if you call +1-714-705-4780.

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