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Hewlett Packard Enterprise Launches Docker Tools

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has revealed their latest series of storage solutions at DockerCon 2015 in Europe.

These new services are geared toward running container-based software at a large scale. Docker helps fit that objective by providing an open-source project that automatically deploys applications inside the software containers. They are currently the hottest choice for creating and deploying apps in this form of lightweight virtualization.

In the ever-changing world of technology, companies must adapt to new trends quicker than ever. These type of containers are believed to be changing the way applications are developed and managed. Tana Rosenblatt, HPE’s acting VP in charge of the company’s incubator partners and strategic alliances, was adamant that this sort of technology is a big part of the future for the company.

“We view containers as a disruptive technology,” Rosenblatt said,

“Not that containers are a new technology, but it’s relevant as enterprises look to a hybrid environment. We view the partnership with Docker - which we are formalizing - as a very important one because we like their approach, we like what they have to offer. Our strategy is: embrace and extend. We have a lot of IP that we have developed around dev and ops and the bridging of the two. And we believe that combined with Docker, this makes it even more of a value proposition for our enterprise customers.”

HP’s Helion Development Platform 2.0 will support Docker right out of the box. Users will be able to develop cloud apps, deploy across hybrid clouds, and deliver scalable, highly-available apps more efficiently than ever. Docker will support the HPE Codar release management service and Docker images in both the HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage arrays and the HPE StoreVirtual software-defined storage solutions. Additional features include the Docker Machine plug-in for HPE Composable Infrastructure.

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