Harwin Applies Interconnect Products to Space and Rocket Technology

Headquartered in London, United Kingdom, Harwin is a leading designer and in-house manufacturer of electrical interconnect products. Established in 1952, Harwin serves those in aircraft, space, electronic warfare, telecommunications, oil & gas, rail, and transportation industries with its large portfolio of over 30 thousand highly reliable interconnect solutions and PCB hardware items. Harwin’s extensive product range includes the following interconnects and hardware:

  • Gecko
  • Datamate Mix-Tek Off-the-Shelf
  • Datamate High Current
  • Datamate 3-Row
  • EZ-Shield Clips
  • EZ-Shield Cans
  • EZ-Cable Clips
  • HotShoe Connectors
  • Archer Pitch Connectors
  • EZ-Coin Cell Holder

Notable applications of Harwin technologies include:

  • Robonaut: The Robot Systems Technology Branch at NASA’s Johnson Space Center incorporated Harwin’s Datamate Mix-Tek connector system into its Robonaut project—a humanoid robotic system capable of performing space missions too dangerous for human explorers. Space exploration requires interconnect systems that are both lightweight and reliable in harsh environments.
  • Neutrino Telescope: Engineers from the University of Wisconsin’s Physical Science Laboratory integrated Harwin’s Datamate interconnect system into the IceCube, the next-generation Neutrino Telescope. Being the size of a bowling ball and operating at a location 500 meters deep in the Antarctic ice, the IceCube neutrino telescope needed a product capable of processing high transmission speeds with a small footprint.
  • Stratos Rocket: In 2009, students in Delft University’s Aerospace Rocket Engineering Society in the Netherlands built the Stratos rocket using Harwin’s Datamate connectors. The engineering team chose Datamate J-Tek connectors due to their ability to cope with the rocket’s heavy vibrations, Mach 3 speed, and 30 g acceleration, as well as the extreme temperatures of the polar circle launch.

Via our proprietary website AFR Enterprises, we are a leading distributor and one-stop destination for all your Harwin interconnect solutions. Our knowledgeable sales team are happy to help our commercial, civil, and military clients with their sourcing needs. Explore our extensive inventory of parts at www.afrenterprises.com or request a quote at ales@afrenterprises.com.

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