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Boeing Opens a New Composite Wing Center

On May 20th 2016, Brandon Farris wrote an article that was published in Airways News that talks about how Boeing is opening a new composite wing center for their 777x. The new composite wing center for the 777x is located in Everett, Washington. This location is actually a bit north of the Everett Boeing plant. To be more specific about its whereabouts, the facility is a little bit behind the 777 final assembly line.

This new composite wing center will be the location for manufacturing the largest composite wings for the Boeing 777x. The Boeing 777x is considered the newest commercial jetliner.

This location began to rise in October of 2014. Now with the building complete, there is actions to have parts being built for the first aircraft in that area. During the opening, there was a tour where a giant autoclave and other parts were shown during the tour around its facility.

In addition to the giant autoclave and other parts, Boeing also had two of its automated fiber placement robotic machines on display. According to Farris, there was over $1 billion invested into the new composite wing center for the 77x.

Here is what Ray Conner, the Boeing Commercial Airplanes President and CEO has to say about this monumental event.

Today’s event is bigger than celebrating the opening of a magnificent new building. It’s about our employees, and shared success with our partners around the region and in Olympia in keeping the Puget Sound at the forefront of aerospace leadership for decades to come.

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