3D Printers are Becoming Reality

Posted on November 3, 2016 John Smith 3D Printers are Becoming Reality

Printed electronics are starting to become reality and many people are starting to take use of it in many ways even though 3D printing dates back into the 1980s where they used UV light and photo sensitive reigns it still wasn’t that popular and there wasn’t a necessity in using it. In recent years, around 2000 is when 3D printing started becoming a reality. The use of 3D printing technologies is much more successful and more cost efficient that is why they are starting to become reality.

One of the main companies that was popular with 3D printing is called the Optomec. The Optomec company produces 3D printed electronics parts for a rand of applications. Some of the amazing qualities of their system is that it can print commercially available semiconductor, biological inks. Some of the advantages that they offer over the traditional components are that firs there is no need for stencils, masks, second components can be customized. Circuits can be smaller. The design change can be implemented easily, finally it removes the issue of obsolete parts.

Director of Optomec Mick O;Reilly mentioned that the Aerosol system works in three stages, the first stage is called the Atomizer which turns the ink into droplet the second is the virtual; impactor which removed excess gas, and finally is the Deposition Head which uses a gas sheath and deposits the ink onto a substance.

The suture of the printed electronics is looking bright, as the printing electronics products gets smaller and cheaper the more the 3d printing is going to boom and be more popular in use. It is going to become more mainstream and many people are going to start using It a lot more often. “printed electronics are almost certainly going to become a larger and larger part of the projects that we developed” Mike O’Riely stated. And this proves that Printed electronics are becoming more popular

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