What are Multimeters?

Posted on September 15, 2021 John Smith What are Multimeters?

A type of measuring device, multimeters are essential tools for electronics, especially so in regard to the electronics industry. Used to measure the electrical properties of tools and wiring, including industrial-strength equipment, multimeters are used to measure resistance, voltage, and current. As multimeters are used to measure a plethora of parameters, they must be compatible with the device they intend to read to ensure accurate results. Coming in various types to suit numerous electrical properties, we will discuss common multimeter options to choose from and how they can be best applied for your measurements.

Analog Multimeter

Analog multimeters are a device constructed with a moving coil affixed with a microammeter and measurement needle. Often providing an easy-to-read display, these devices also include two external probes which are placed on a device to measure and calculate a precise reading. When in use, the probes accompanying a multimeter are to be placed on a circuit, or where a reading is necessary. Once the nodes have made contact with their intended surface, the combined components are then used to calculate current and other applicable variables. Often used to measure small electrical currents, a microammeter constructing an analog multimeter must be calibrated in microamperes to achieve sensitive readings.

Digital Multimeter

A modern adaptation of an analogue multimeter, a digital multimeter is designed to recognize multiple signal samples during a single reading. Accomplishing a task in a short period of time, digital multimeters are known for their accuracy by incorporating multiple signals into their readings. These signals are then automatically interpreted by the device without the need for human intervention and are automatically projected to the user on an LCD display upon the device.

Fluke Multimeter

Designed with multiple functions in mind, fluke multimeters come equipped with pre-built settings, allowing a user to switch between measurement functions as needed. Used to calculate resistance and voltage, fluke multimeters can read AC and DC current up to 10 amps and come equipped with large displays for ease of readability.

Clamp Multimeter

Primarily used to measure the flow of electricity, clamp multimeters utilize a specialized clamp that comes attached with a multimeter to calculate amps passing through a system. Allowing you to measure current without interrupting a circuit, standard clamp multimeters can only be used for a single variable measurement at a time. To calculate additional variables, a second clamp multimeter can be employed along a circuit. For this reason, those who acquire multimeters often find it beneficial to purchase two devices, having one used for measuring voltage while the other is used for current.

Autoranging Multimeter

The simplest of multimeters, autoranging multimeters are often used by electricians or those in training with little experience. Though only capable of measuring a single electrical signal at a time, autoranging devices allow the user to use a multimeter without the need to manually adjust knobs or dials. Similar in function to digital multimeters, autoranging multimeters mitigate the need for extensive knowledge on the range and value of a resistance, their accompanying color coated patterns, and more. Instead, a user is provided with pre-established values for ease of convenience.

Before putting your multimeter to use, a circuit in question should always be inspected for faults before a multimeter is applied. This allows the user to identify additional faults that can further impact a circuit. Once the inspection has been completed, measurements can then be taken in accordance with each multimeter's specifications. However, to ensure you are receiving your intended reading, probes accompanying a multimeter must be applied to their correct location to avoid crossing two separate connections.

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