Specialized Method is Released by AMD For Threadripper CPUs

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) a renown semiconductor company has released their personal method on to their production of their thread ripper CPUs. AMD currently makes a thread ripper CPU containing 4 Dies and was curious to see what would happen in the delidding process would cause. Despite the expertise of an over clocker the chip was lost.

Der8auer was one to conduct the delidding which was able to see that the AMD would apply 4 dies on every one of their thread ripper CPUs. The delidding process ruined some of the applications that the CPU had to offer.

“What the delid showed was that AMD had put four dies on the package, but only two of them were apparently active, as opposed to using four cores across each die for a total of 16.”

This left many of these experts confused but where able to conclude on the answer. The reason for the four dies placed upon manufacturing is used as a balancing mechanism for the packaging.

Although some might continue to use the four die configuration many along with AMD, prefer not . Per a test ran on a Ryzen 7 1800X with a 2+2 and a 4+0 showed that it barely had an effect on its capability.

The two-die configuration will often create space between the chips and therefore creating a compressed hot spot formation. Continuously mistaken, the two die aren’t exactly “chips” that do indeed require more support applied then most.

Many different types of CPU chips don’t offer everything what one looks for but should be applied for the specific task the consumer is needing. AMD has found a way to mimic the same type of specification using a different CPU.

They have discovered that, ”The same CCX configurations that power Epyc also power Ryzen 3, though these chips are tested to different specifications and intended for vastly different markets.”

This will and can separate them from competion by tapping into a different market all while being able to perform the same type of work.

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