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Acquisitions so far

The Carbon company dates back to Berlin in 1878 when Gebr. Siemen and Co. (Gesco) started producing carbon. In 1928 they merged with Plania Werke to form the new Siemens Plania Werke in Poland. By 1985 they merged again with Hoechst AG to become SIGRI GmbH where they split the company half and half. Finally Hoechst AG acquired total ownership of the newly titled company in 1989. In 1992, SIGRI and Great Lakes Carbon, USA merged and reorganized into a globally structured business. The next year they took over Pechiney’s graphite in France. The company also acquired Polygraph, Poland and Vicarb, France in the few years that followed. In 1996, the company broke off from Hoechst and was listed in the New York Stock Exchange. They acquired more companies in the next year and expanded in the technical products business. There was also a slight mishap with an antitrust investigation in which they resolved within a couple years. In 2001, this company formed their new SGL technologies business and introduced the 800 mm graphite electrode. By 2005 they hit record sales of 220,000 tons graphite electrodes. There was successful capital increase in the next year with a launch of innovation excellence. In 2007, they named their new brand SGL Group- The Carbon Company.  They were completely independent and was listed within operations in Europe, North America, Asia and three global business units.

SGL Excellence

The Carbon Company believes their strength comes from their broad base with defined core competencies, an extensive product portfolio and a global presence with the best solutions in products, services and innovations. These capabilities are the base of the company’s philosophy of SGL excellence that they put much pride in to achieve their ultimate vision of being the leading carbon company. The Carbon Company targets four different areas in their SGL Excellence which includes the following:

  • Operational Excellence

-          To improve safety, quality and efficiency in manufacturing.

  • Commercial Excellence

-          To increase customer satisfaction in value and enhancing profitability.

  • Innovation Excellence

-          To create innovations of solutions into profitable growth that targets specific customer needs.

  • People Excellence

-          The foundation and platform of SGL Excellence to enhance leadership skills in their people.

Ingenious Product Portfolio at Unbeatable Price Range

SGL Group- The Carbon Company has a comprehensive product portfolio that includes the following lines:

  • Graphite and Carbon Electrodes

-          These are now international standard products which enable large quantities of steel to be manufactured more economically sound.

-          Products include graphite electrodes, graphite nipples, and carbon electrodes.

  • Cathodes and Furnace Linings

-          Offers all types of cathode materials from amorphous carbon to graphitic to graphite. They also provide furnace linings ranging from supermicroporous to graphite materials.

  • Graphite Specialties

-          Large spectrum of materials used including iso statically pressed, die-molded and vibration-molded.

  • Process Technology
  • Expanded Graphite
  • Carbon Fibers

-          These are modern high-performance materials used in applications where parts need to be mechanically robust but also lightweight.

  • Composite Materials

-          High-performance products made from carbon, glass and aramid fibers.

  • Composite Components
  • Brake Disks

-          Products include carbon-ceramic brake disks, C/C racing brake disks and C/C aircraft break disks.

  • Start-Ups

-          These include fuel cell parts and ceramic composites.

SGL Carbon is one of the world's leading producers of carbon based products. A broad base of materials, the deployment of the relevant technologies and many years of application and engineering expertise are the basis of the company's success.

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