Flex Logix and DARPA Working Together

Posted on February 6, 2017 John Smith Flex Logix and DARPA Working Together

Electronic components are always changing and developing to the better, every year the electronic devices and components are being improved. Flex Logix has signed a deal with DARPA to allow government agencies that design ICs for the government, the US government, to use Flex Logix’s EFLX arrays. Flex Logix is allowing EFLX arrays in TSMC 16FFC process node from 2.5K to 122.5K LUTs in order to allow government companies and agencies to reconfigure RTL during any point of their design process. Chip designers will appreciate this kind of freedom because it will allow them to innovate more freely and come up with a high performance design, save energy in the process and even decrease the size and weight of their chip system. This will also allow designers to create chips that can work on multiple applications and upgrade the chip when it’s being used already.

Using FPGA technology brings completely a new way to design chips, Flex Logix has stated that they are so pleased to be working with DARPA and being able to configure RTL at any time is a huge bonus compared to the traditional development cost and lead time that otherwise would have been expensive. Now Flex Logix can target multiple customers and applications in a very short period and for less cost. They can also extend the life chips, designers are very appreciative of this change because it allows them to meet their customer’s requirements quickly and change any standards if they have to.

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