DuPont Pioneers Polymers Through Materials Sciences

Posted on September 11, 2014 John Smith DuPont Pioneers Polymers Through Materials Sciences

Headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, DuPont has been an innovative leader in the materials sciences for over two centuries. Established in 1802, DuPont serves the aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, displays, military, and solar energy markets with its technologies. To increase its offerings to the electronics market, Dupont recently acquired Innovalight—a firm concentrating in progressive silicon inks and process technologies that up the productivity of crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells. DuPont’s latest offering of products specifically for those in the electronics and communications fields include:

  • CooLam 3D thermal substrates: Provides thermal dissipation for a longer LED lifetime.
  • CuSolve post-etch and post-CMP residue removers: Cleans copper interconnect systems used in semiconductor manufacturing with minimal scratching.
  • Cyrel performance plate series: Prints high-resolution graphics for packaging.
  • Cyrel Digiflow flexographic system: Prints packaging graphics using flat top dots.
  • Riston dry film photoresists: Dry film for use in both flexible and rigid circuit boards.
  • Izon 3D security holograms: Holographic labels for authentication purposes and brand protection.
  • Kapton MBC black polyimide film: Provides thermal, electrical, and mechanical protection for flexible circuits.
  • Pyralux TK flexible circuit materials: Provides a flexible, protective coating for high data rate transmission electronics.
  • Solamet photovoltaic metallizations: Products that make photovoltaic cells more efficient using silver and aluminum composites.
  • Vertek bonding adhesive: Glues coverplates and touch sensors to LCD displays.
  • Tedlar PV2025 polyvinyl fluoride films: Film coverings for solar panels.

DuPont is famous for the development of a number of industry-important polymers:

  • Neoprene: Popularly used in wetsuits, neoprene is also used to insulate CPU sockets that connect a microprocessor with a printed circuit board.
  • Nylon: In addition to its common use in womenswear, nylon is noted for its electrical insulator properties.
  • Teflon: Though most known for its non-stick cookwear applications, Teflon was also used to coat the valves and seals of the uranium hexafluoride holding cells for the Manhattan Project.
  • Kevlar: In 2014, Kevlar sold the millionth bullet-proof vest utilizing the latest Kevlar XP technology to the Republic of Korea Army.

For the fiscal year 2013, DuPont employed a 64,000-strong workforce in over 90 countries—with 10,000+ of those employees being scientists and engineers employed across 150 research and development hubs. Of its US$36 billion annual revenue, DuPont invests US$2.2 billion into research and development. Revenue can be broken down by the following major product groups:

  • Printing and Packaging Materials (24%)
  • Electronic Materials (32%)
  • Photovoltaic Products (33%)
  • High Performance Films (9%)
  • Display Materials (2%)

Dupont’s regional sales can be divided as:

  • North America (18%)
  • Asia Pacific (61%)
  • Europe (17%)
  • Latin America (4%)

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