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Diodes Incorporated Introduces Compact Linear LED Drivers

How Diodes Helpfull in Linear LED Drivers:

Diodes Incorporated is one of the oldest brands in the list of electronic devices; it has manufactured world class equipment without any errors or problems. The quality of these products is outstanding and best in class. It has announced the launched of AL5812 which is one of the preferred 60V Linear LED Driver. Expect a current of 150mA to be delivered straight out of the product, it can control several LED devices at one time without any support or pressure. Ambient temperature range is also given which can smoothen out the functioning of LED devices.

Use of high end value resistors is done to curb the low voltage of 0.5V RSET Pin, it enables low cost intake that reduces operation costs. It even maintains an accuracy of 3% tolerance level which is quite good when compared to other devices. Diodes Incorporated has actually gone deep in creating this wonder; electronic industry one of the best LED devices given by Diodes Inc. 16 power LED’s are present which have a drain output of handling differences between 1V to 60V which is quite different and advanced. Operating temperatures are between -40°C to 125°C. If you are looking for long term requirements then this is the best product that can give you exceptional output. This is one brand which is being present on years, so, expect its service to be top notch and best in class. If you face any problem then the company even has back up support which can be contacted to solve the problem faced.



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