Challenges for the Avionics Test Equipment Industry in 2020

For any engineer or manufacturer, the concept of “the perfect invention” does not exist because anything that is produced always has the potential to be further improved. This is the kind of mentality that exists among aviation manufacturers, with particular regard to those in the avionics test equipment industry. This sector is an especially stringent one because any new test equipment that is released in the market is expected to have the latest technological advancements, while also possessing the capabilities to test various types of aircraft components, both new and old models. This is just one of many complications that those in the sector face. Below you can read more about some of the challenges encountered by the avionics test equipment industry.the avionics test equipment industry.

High Demand for All in One Testers

This idea has been present for years. One big push that aviation companies are pursuing is the all-in-one tester, a testing item that can be applied to multiple aircraft types, models, and systems. Manifesting something like this would do away with the financial burden of purchasing several different testing equipment for several different parts. Aviation giants like Boeing and Lockheed Martin have frequently expressed their need for universal avionics testing equipment. Boeing’s Director of Defense’s Space & Security Support Equipment and Services speaks strongly of "...the need to create more affordable ATE solutions which can be adapted to support multiple programs thereby reducing development and sustainment cost.”

Marrying New and Old Technology

Another challenge avionics test equipment manufacturer’s face is balancing between creating new and updated test equipment and systems with older standards. In an ideal scenario, the release of new testing tech would signify that all avionic equipment would be applicable with the new system and older models not adaptable would become obsolete. But the reality is that older models and equipment are still very much utilized by the aviation and military industry. The challenges presented here demand for those in the avionics testing equipment field to create a balanced industry in which both new and old technology can be united.


Automation and smart technology has entered into every sector and aviation is no exception. While not entirely adopted into avionics testing equipment, manufacturers are cautiously exploring the possibilities. While smart technology would require less or even no people working on ground, thus reducing statistics for workplace injuries, Artificial Intelligence is still subject to data breaches and hacking. Those exploring the prospects of using AI in this sector have the challenge of creating a system that can sufficiently assess avionics equipment, and also put a foolproof wall against data-thieves.

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