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ABRACON-Wide selection of Quartz Crystal and Circuit Protection Components

Interested in History of Abracon Corporation:

Abracon Corporation, founded on August 5th, 1992, has been working to become a global manufacturer of signal conditioning, frequency control, clock distribution, and magnetic components. It has ISO 9001-2015 certification and has also made investments in off-shore manufacturing facilities while installing quick-turn prototyping capabilities for custom magnetic. They have also formed long-term partnerships with off-shore manufacturing companies in order to save on overall cost and reap the benefits of outsourced production. The company supplies OEMs, manufacturers, and distributors with microprocessor crystals, SAW devices, crystal oscillators, and a wide variety of magnetic components.

Abracon offers crystals and resonators, oscillators, filters, precision timing, RF and microwave, magnetics and capacitors, and other engineered solutions. Recently, Abracon introduced Precision 32.768 kHz TCXO with real-time-clock functionality, which is targeted for precision timekeeping applications. It is a low cost, precision frequency solution that is utilized for applications requiring accurate time stamps. In January of 2013, they also introduced ultra low power real-time-clock integrated circuits that are targeted for low power, timekeeping applications where power consumption is of the utmost importance. They are useful for applications such as: battery powered hand-held solutions, smart grid meters, smart cards, medical electronics, patient monitoring, utility meters, appliances, and other consumer electronics. Most recently, Abracon has partnered with Avnet Abacus to distribute their products in Europe, opening up the European market to Abracon quartz crystals, crystal oscillators, resonators, inductors, and related magnetic products.

How to Obtain Goal of Having Best products:

ASAP Semiconductor, through its proprietary site, AFREnterprises.com, is a wholesale distributor for all Abracon product lines and parts. We stock millions of parts and have access to many more to meet your procurement needs. Contact us today for a quote.



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