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Antennas IT Hardware Components List

If you are in the market for Antennas from leading IT hardware parts manufacturers that you can trust, look no further than AFR Enterprises and our expansive part inventory. On this page, you can explore every Antennas parts listing that we have available for purchase, including in-demand computer hardware part numbers like 0231 9507, 063825S-005, 1154, 170548-000, 170555-000, and other relevant items. If you take an interest in any listing, click on the RFQ button next to it to be directed to a form where you can request a quote for your comparisons. Within 15 minutes of receiving and reviewing a completed request, a member of our staff will reach out to you to provide a solution tailored to your needs and restrictions alike. Get started today and see how we can serve as your strategic sourcing partner for all the Antennas products you desire!

Antennas Manufacturers List

Antennas Part Numbers List

  • Part No Part Description QTY RFQ
    0231 9507 external antenna for ip-dect s erver 400 Avl RFQ
    063825S-005 #name? Avl RFQ
    1154 140-175mhz mm antenna kit Avl RFQ
    170548-000 2.4ghz external wl antenna accs Avl RFQ
    170555-000 evdo & hspa+ blade (2x) Avl RFQ
    170586-000 omnidirectional antenna 5.1ghz accs dbi gain Avl RFQ
    170628-000 external 2.4/5ghz wl ant (1) accs single wifi antenna - 2100 mbr1400 Avl RFQ
    170649-000 universal 3g/4g/lte 2dbi/3dbi w/sma connector (1x) Avl RFQ
    24763 slim low-prof amp bar ant Avl RFQ
    3009Z00150 sra2 w remote directional wrls antenna Avl RFQ
    301101 truck mirror mount antenn Avl RFQ
    301102 glass mount antenna, wilson multi-band glass-mount antenna Avl RFQ
    301103 magnetic mount cell ant, wilson magnet mount cellular antenna Avl RFQ
    301104 nmo mount antenna, wilson w-301104 nmo mount cellular antenna Avl RFQ
    301106 low profile antenna, low profile antenna Avl RFQ
    301111 yagi antenna (301111), wilson 301111 yagi cellular antenna Avl RFQ
    301113 mini magnetic cell antenn, wilson 301113 mini magnet mount cellular antenna Avl RFQ
    301114 mini glass mount antenna, wilson antenna Avl RFQ
    301121 dome ceiling antenna (301121), wilson 301121 dual-band dome antenna Avl RFQ
    301123 dome ceiling antenna 800/900 mhz dual polarity w/ n female connector, wilson dual polarity dome antenna Avl RFQ
    301124 stamped yagi antenna (301124), wilson yagi pcs antenna Avl RFQ
    301129 yagi antenna 800 mhz w/ 12in rg174 cable and n female connector, wilson yagi cellular antenna Avl RFQ
    301130 marine antenna, wilson multi-band marine antenna Avl RFQ
    301133 rv trucker spring mount antenna 800/1900 mhz omni directional w/ 13.5 rg58 cable, wilson 301133 cell phone antenna Avl RFQ
    301135 high gain panel antenna 50 ohm n female, wilson dual-band panel antenna Avl RFQ
    301141 outdoor cradle antenna, wilson signalboost antenna Avl RFQ
    301151 ceiling mnt dome antenna, wilson dome ceiling antenna Avl RFQ
    301155 wall mount antenna (301155), wilson 301155 dual band antenna Avl RFQ
    301201 omni directional 75 ohm outdoor antenna, wilson multi-band omni-directional antenna Avl RFQ
    301208 desk top antenna (fme), wilson 301208 desktop antenna Avl RFQ
    304447 dt panel antenna upgrade (304447), wilson antenna Avl RFQ
    41706 flat ampd ant Avl RFQ
    502290 indoor antenna (502290) Avl RFQ
    524018 indoor antenna (524018) Avl RFQ
    76000841 antenna - gps, surface/through-hole mount, 1575 mhz, 25 db, digi antenna Avl RFQ
    76000842 antenna - gps, magnet mount, 1575 mhz, 28 db Avl RFQ
    76000844 antenna - cellular, glass mount, digi 76000844 antenna Avl RFQ
    76000845 antenna - cellular, glass mount, digi 76000845 antenna Avl RFQ
    76000864 ant cell surface marine mount quad band, digi 76000864 antenna Avl RFQ
    76002050 tri band dipole 11 cmhinged right angle, digi 76002050 dipole antenna Avl RFQ
    76002051 pentaband magmount 2.5m magnetic mount, digi 76002051 dipole antenna Avl RFQ
    76002052 ant cell direct mount penta band 2dbi, digi 76002052 dipole antenna Avl RFQ
    890000723 antenna-5 pack-for dragon base station, datalogic 890000723 antenna Avl RFQ
    920HSA-2 retractable handset antenna Avl RFQ
    9KLE.001.03 link 510 external gsm antena Avl RFQ
    A09-Y10TM-P10I eu req yagi 10dbi dir 10in rptnc male conn wm b Avl RFQ
    A09-Y15NF eu req 900mhz yagi 15.1 dbi 13 dbi directional Avl RFQ
    ACCAA-308 sma external gps antenna accs Avl RFQ
    ACCAA-309 external gps antenna accs Avl RFQ
    ANPB-1HRA 3-inch penta-band antenna, multitech 3"" hinged antenna for usb gprs wireless modem 850 900 1800 1900 2100mhz Avl RFQ
    ANT 5 flat indoor antenna hd dtv vhf (ant5) Avl RFQ
    ANT-01ABGN-0406-O spare omni-dir ant ap822e/ap accs 832e dualband 2.4/5ghz 1rp-smajack Avl RFQ
    ANT-1.4-PNL-OUT-N (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) 1.4gh wimax Avl RFQ
    ANT-6ABGN-24 use w/ap300 series/ap832e flushmnt ceiling mt ant f/ drop ceiling qty1 Avl RFQ
    ANT-8 ultra flat indoor antenna (ant8) Avl RFQ
    ANT-ABGN-23 dual band ceiling mount omnidiraccs mimo ant for ap300 series ap832e Avl RFQ
    ANT-I2ABGN-0304-O dual band 2x2 mimo ceiling accs mount antenna for ap1000e Avl RFQ
    ANT-I3ABGN-0304-O dualband 3x3 mimo ceiling mountaccs ant for ap332e/ap433e/ap832e Avl RFQ
    ANT-O4ABGN-0607-PT wall mount ant accs Avl RFQ
    ANT-O4ABGN-0607-PT-N wall mnt ptch dual b and 4lead accs ant inc n-type cnnctrs oap433e only Avl RFQ
    ANT-O6ABGN-0607-PT dbp 6lead ant for mimo app feataccs 3integ 24 and 5ghz patch ant Avl RFQ
    ANT1052F digital flat antenna accs ultra-thin design Avl RFQ
    ANT1100F ultra-thin indoor antenna accs multi-directional Avl RFQ
    ANT121R indoor antenna (ant121r) Avl RFQ
    ANT1450B flat digital antenna black (ant1450b) Avl RFQ
    ANT24-1801 d-link ac high gain directional yagi antenna 2.4ghz (7 days rma) Avl RFQ
    ANT751R compact outdoor antenna (ant751r) Avl RFQ
    AP-ANT-10 5.150-5.875ghz/6.0dbi hi gain omni dir cylindrical,rp-sma Avl RFQ
    AP-ANT-12 5.150-5.875ghz/14.0dbi,hi gain directional patch, rp-sma conn Avl RFQ
    AP-ANT-6 2.4ghz/5.0dbi wide angle 135 d egree directional rp-sma con Avl RFQ
    AP-ANT-88 5ghz/10dbi wide angle 120 degr directional sector ant,n type Avl RFQ
    AP-ANT-91 2.4-2.5ghz(5.0dbi)/4.9-5.99ghz (5.0dbi),dual-band 120deg n tp Avl RFQ
    BR-159 wideband vhf mob antenna Avl RFQ
    CP-DIS-M22-SB digi showbox presentation player for public information displays Avl RFQ
    CV41277ANTENNA remote 802 dual band antenna k it 14 ft Avl RFQ
    EA-IO7D V2 edimax accessory ea-io7d v2 indoor 7dbi omni directional desktop antenna 11bgn retail (7 days rma) Avl RFQ
    EA-IO9D high indoor perf 3dbi antenna (eaio9d) Avl RFQ
    FASC59V m92 replace antenna Avl RFQ
    ML-2452-APA2-01 eu req wls ant dual 3dbi rp-sma(m) Avl RFQ
    ML-2452-PNA5-36R eu req wls ant dual 5dbi rp-sma(m) Avl RFQ
    ML-2452-PTA2M3X3-2 eu req facade w/6 element ant module Avl RFQ
    ML-2452-PTA6M6-2 eu req 6-element mimo ant facade Avl RFQ
    ML-2499-HPA4-01 eu req ant outdr 4dbi 2.4ghz n-male Avl RFQ
    ML-5299-HPA5-01 eu req ant outdr 5dbi 5ghz n-male Avl RFQ
    ML2499BYGA201R antenna 2g14dbdir Avl RFQ
    ML5299WPNA101R antenna 5g13dbdir Avl RFQ
    NGAN200 adjustable indoor antenna (ngan200) Avl RFQ
    OA8200 aerial mnt hd ant Avl RFQ
    SNCAAN1 external pole mount with direc tional antenna Avl RFQ
    TBC-9 bigcat-9 cb antenna Avl RFQ
    UA820G shure ua820g 1/2 wave antenna Avl RFQ
    UA870USTV shure ua870ustv active directional anten Avl RFQ
    VM2276ANTENNA antenna vm2 dual band wlan whi p Avl RFQ
    VQ2100 flex port auto sat ant Avl RFQ
    WS-AI-DT04360 ind 2.4/5ghz triple feed omni ceil ap362 Avl RFQ
    WS-AI-DT05120 ind 2.4/5ghz triple feed 5dbi 120 deg se Avl RFQ
    WS-AI-DX02360 6 feed 2dbi dual band mimo ant Avl RFQ
    WS-AO-5D16060 outdoor 5.15-5.875 ghz dual-polarization Avl RFQ
    WS-AO-5D23009 out 5.15-5.875ghz dual-po 23 dbi 9 deg p Avl RFQ
    WS-AO-DS05360 outdoor 2.4/5.15 ghz 5dbi omni for ap26 Avl RFQ
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