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Video Processingcapturing Modules IT Hardware Components List

You’ve come to the right place if you need host bus adapters. We’ve compiled an expansive list of these, including top parts numbers such as EXT-VGAAUD-2-HDMIS, 40-481, TCD-2100, 40-281H, 55-800D4-160. A list of top manufacturers like Gefen Inc, Calrad Inc, Actia Corporation, Geovision Inc, C2G is also included for your convenience. AFR Enterprises has the parts you need, whether it is a host bus adapter or another one of the countless parts we support, such as Video Processingcapturing Modules. Check the rest of our IT hardware components catalog to see how we can help you or RFQ to get connected now.

Video Processingcapturing Modules Manufacturers List

Video Processingcapturing Modules Part Numbers List

  • Part No Part Description QTY RFQ
    EXT-VGAAUD-2-HDMIS vga audio to hdmi scaler (extvgaaud2hdmis) Avl RFQ
    40-481 component to vga video perp converter Avl RFQ
    TCD-2100 1 channel h.264/mjpeg/mpeg-4 v ideo encdr/sprts full d1 res Avl RFQ
    40-281H component a/v to hdmi converterperp box Avl RFQ
    55-800D4-160 gv-800 v4.11 d-type 16 cam Avl RFQ
    EXT-USB-2-DVIHD usb to dvi hd cabl eol Avl RFQ
    GTB-HD-1080PS-BLK high definition 1080p scaler (gtbhd1080psblk) Avl RFQ
    55-800EX-080 geovision gv-800 express d-type 8 card Avl RFQ
    40698 impact acoustics pc to tv converter - scan converter Avl RFQ
    0418-021 10pk p7224 video encoder blade perp Avl RFQ
    0323-004 axis 84 channel video encoder bundle - see notes Avl RFQ
    29356 wireless uwb usb to vga kit- g en 2 Avl RFQ
    0298-021 axis m7001 10-pack Avl RFQ
    EXT-DVI-2-VGAN ext-dvi-2-vgan dvi to vga adap converter Avl RFQ
    AV-HS04M8 full-hd dvi input option board accs Avl RFQ
    EVS200AW 2-channel wireless video encoder Avl RFQ
    40-40VH02 vga with 3.5mm to hdmi perp converter box Avl RFQ
    EXT-DVI-EDIDP dvi detective plus perp Avl RFQ
    EXT-DVI-EDIDN video extender - wired - external Avl RFQ
    MTVDVDEZ7 avermedia dvd ezmaker 7 (mtvdvdez7) Avl RFQ
    FVR8014M1 8-channel digitally encoded video receiver + 4 bi-directional data channels mm 1 fiber Avl RFQ
    VC182 vga to hdmi with scaler (vc182) Avl RFQ
    0415-004 axis m7014 video encoder, 4ch dual Avl RFQ
    F236 avercaster combo atsc (f236) Avl RFQ
    0291-003 q7404 video encoder 4port uk perp Avl RFQ
    0319-051 axis p7701 video decoder bareb one 20 unit pack Avl RFQ
    55-600D4-160 geovision gv-600 d-type 16 cam card Avl RFQ
    55-G60EX-040 gv600bex 04 port Avl RFQ
    IONEMP1013 internal tv tuner w/ remote, internal tv tuner w/ remote perp upg for ionegx45 models Avl RFQ
    HDX3DP01 adapter, displayport to 3 dp multimonitors Avl RFQ
    40-480 vga to component converter perp Avl RFQ
    55-124AV-080 gv1240 8channel dvi type pci ctlr express a card Avl RFQ
    40-720PHD composite video/s-video to perp hdmi video converter Avl RFQ
    AT-HD530 atlona at-hd530 hdmi/dvi comp. & s video Avl RFQ
    AT-PC530 atlona at-pc530 dvi-component video Avl RFQ
    0518-021 10pk q7411 cant be sold as sgl pk Avl RFQ
    0417-021 axis p7214 video encoder bulk 10pcs Avl RFQ
    FVT8014M1 8-channel digitally encoded video transmitter + 4 bi-directional data channels mm 1 fiber Avl RFQ
    EVS200A 2-channel video encoder Avl RFQ
    D9096-2C8-K9 (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) eu req d9096 dual ch 8 bit 4:2:2 av Avl RFQ
    55-650EX-160 video input adapter - composite video input - plug-in card - ntsc; pal - mpeg-4 Avl RFQ
    40-DCT-5 optical to analog stereo l/r perp audio converter Avl RFQ
    55-650EX-080 geovision gv-650 express d type 8 card Avl RFQ
    CV710 avermedia accessory cv710 capture uncompressed hd usb3.0 hdmi 1080p 60fps 30mbps retail (7 days rma) Avl RFQ
    0319-004 axis p7701 1 channel decoder h.264 Avl RFQ
    MTVBOXH11 avertv hybrid box 11 (mtvboxh11), aver avertv hybrid a200 tvbox 11 tuner Avl RFQ
    0414-004 axis video encoder, m7010 16ch, poe, Avl RFQ
    FG1905-15 amx dvx-3150hd 10x4 presentation switch Avl RFQ
    AV-HS04M3 panasonic av-hs04m3 dvi input board Avl RFQ
    MTVHDDVRR avermedia hd dvr (mtvhddvrr) Avl RFQ
    0322-004 axis 18 channel video encoder bundle -see notes Avl RFQ
    55-G60EX-160 gv600bex 16 port Avl RFQ
    40747 NA Avl RFQ
    EXT-DVI-2-HDSDISP dvi to hd sdi plus scaler box (extdvi2hdsdisp) Avl RFQ
    AT-HD510VGA atlona at-hd510vga vga to hdmi converter Avl RFQ
    55-G60EX-080 gv600bex 08 port Avl RFQ
    AWHHD870N hd/sd-sdi output option card accs for aw-he870 w/ hd/sd-sdi outputs Avl RFQ
    CCN-VH101 vga to hdmi and audio converteraccs 2yr warranty Avl RFQ
    EXT-GSCALER-PRON a/v scaler pro up to 1080p perp switcher Avl RFQ
    29355 wls uwb usb to vga+3.5mm kit-gen 2 Avl RFQ
    40749 NA Avl RFQ
    C729 darkcrystal hd capture sdk ii (c729) Avl RFQ
    FG1010-09-01 amx fg1010-09-01 avb-cvt-hd15-dvi-d, vga Avl RFQ
    VC812 hdmi to vga wirh scaler (vc812) Avl RFQ
    C285-AC avermedia accessory c285-ac game capture hd ii game in 1080p 60 record in 1080p 30 reta (7 days rma) Avl RFQ
    0291-024 axis q7404 10-pack/bulk Avl RFQ
    ATAVS100 atlona atavs100 converter Avl RFQ
    0298-041 m7001 bulk qty 10pk Avl RFQ
    40481 cables to go 40481 converter w catv tune Avl RFQ
    29548 trulink(r) vga to composite pc-tv video adapter, c2g trulink vga to composite pc-tv video adapter Avl RFQ
    NV6480EXP averdigi nv6480express 16port ctlr pcie 640x480 series hybrid, avermedia averdigi hybrid nv6480 network video recorder Avl RFQ
    GTV-DVIDL-2-MDP dual link dvi to mini dp adap converter Avl RFQ
    55-800D4-080 geovision gv-800 d-type 8 cam card Avl RFQ
    0288-004 axis q7401 1 channel video encoder Avl RFQ
    GTV-HD-MPSG hd signal generator (gtvhdmpsg) Avl RFQ
    403355220E50401 (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) eu req d9887b 4:2:0 2xmp2/4 hd/sd-s Avl RFQ
    0487-021 10pk q7424-r cant be sold as sgl pk Avl RFQ
    C199X darkcrystal hd capture vga (c199x) Avl RFQ
    FVR160S1 16 channel video receiver sm 1 fiber Avl RFQ
    MTVVOLARQ avertv volar hybrid q (mtvvolarq) Avl RFQ
    VC180 vga to hdmi converter (vc180), aten vga to hdmi converter with audio Avl RFQ
    DVCPTENAM dazzle dvd recorder hd (crlcd14153wi) Avl RFQ
    55-108AS-080 usa visions (geo vision) 55108as080 8 camera dvr capture card Avl RFQ
    0319-002 p7701 video decoder 1port eur/ perp uk Avl RFQ
    GTV-COMPSVID-2-HDMIS gefentv composite to hdmi scaler Avl RFQ
    0288-051 20pk axis q7401 vid encoder barebone Avl RFQ
    41268 c2g 41268 hdmi converter tmg connectvty Avl RFQ
    EXT-DP-EDIDP displayport detective adap Avl RFQ
    FVR1031M1 digitally encoded video receiver/ data transceiver mm 1 fiber Avl RFQ
    0415-021 10pk m7014 cant be sold as sgl pk Avl RFQ
    NVR-0216 levelone gigabit nvr-0216 16ch perp ntwk video recorder 2way audio Avl RFQ
    GTV-HIDEFS gefentv highdefinition scaler Avl RFQ
    EXT-HDMI-EDIDP hdmi detective plus Avl RFQ
    NV6240EX8 averdigi hybrid nv6240 8ch pciectlr vga, avermedia averdigi hybrid nv6240 video capture card Avl RFQ
    55-650D4-160 geovision gv-650 d- type 16 cam card Avl RFQ
    40971 tv to pc converter Avl RFQ
    40265 trulink hdmi to vga converter ensure compatibility between newer and older a/v Avl RFQ
    FVT1031M1 digitally encoded video transmitter/ data transceiver mm 1 fiber Avl RFQ
    0354-021 q7414 video encodr blade 10pk Avl RFQ
    FG3201-02 h.264 hd encoder multi-format sdi inputs Avl RFQ
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