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Printing Drums IT Hardware Components List

You’ve come to the right place if you need host bus adapters. We’ve compiled an expansive list of these, including top parts numbers such as KVK63, IBS301, 1337A002AA, DR520, 1506A002AA. A list of top manufacturers like Dell, Epson, Canon, Brothers Electronics, Muratec America Inc is also included for your convenience. AFR Enterprises has the parts you need, whether it is a host bus adapter or another one of the countless parts we support, such as Printing Drums. Check the rest of our IT hardware components catalog to see how we can help you or RFQ to get connected now.

Printing Drums Manufacturers List

Printing Drums Part Numbers List

  • Part No Part Description QTY RFQ
    KVK63 imaging drum kit for supl b2360d/dn/b346xdn/dnf 60000 Avl RFQ
    IBS301 epl-6000 drum unit for laser printer Avl RFQ
    1337A002AA drum, clrg np7130 Avl RFQ
    DR520 25000 page drum unit (dr520) Avl RFQ
    1506A002AA ep83 drum cartridge f/clbp460 28000pgs Avl RFQ
    DR630 drum unit approx 12,000 pages Avl RFQ
    DR350 drum unithl2040 hl2070n (dr350) Avl RFQ
    2781B004AA canon gpr32 gpr33 color drum unit for use in imagerunner advance c7055 c7065 c90 Avl RFQ
    DK2550 muratec mfx-1330 drum yld 20,000-dk2030 Avl RFQ
    6648A004AA canon gpr-6 blk drum unit ir2200/2220/2800/3300-55k yld Avl RFQ
    1337A003AA 1337a003aa drum, black Avl RFQ
    UF100 eu req imaging drum kit 5110cn 35k pgs 310-789 Avl RFQ
    7625A001AA canon gpr-11 blk drum c3200/3220-40k yld Avl RFQ
    9PN5P imaging drum for b546xdn/dnf supl 100000 Avl RFQ
    DL221CL drum unit (dr221cl) Avl RFQ
    DPCDR520 remanufactured dr520 drum, 25000 page-yield, black Avl RFQ
    6749A003AA gpr-7 drum for use in ir105 ir8500 Avl RFQ
    DR700 fax, drum, hl7050, 7050dn Avl RFQ
    40709901 laser printer drum, okipage 8w. 6w okifax 4500, type 6, 10,000 page yield Avl RFQ
    2776B004BA canon gpr-30 blk drum unit c5045/5051-171k yld Avl RFQ
    DR-350-ER compatible brother dr350 laser drum unit Avl RFQ
    DR110CL laser, drum, hl4040cn, replacement drum unit 17k Avl RFQ
    DR-400-ER compatible brother dr400 laser drum unit Avl RFQ
    9628A008AA canon imgrnr lbp5970 1-black drum yeild 45,000 Avl RFQ
    0388B003AA canon gpr-22 drum unit ir1018/1019/1022/1023-26.9k yd Avl RFQ
    0458B003AA canon gpr-23 mgt drum irc2550/2880/3380/3080-60k yld Avl RFQ
    P4866 imaging drum kit for 3000cn supl 3010cn 3100cn 42000 Avl RFQ
    DR300 brother mfcp2000/1040 drum 1050/1060-20k yield Avl RFQ
    1316A002AA laser,drum,npg1,np1215,1218,1520,2020 Avl RFQ
    7815A004 gpr-10 drum for imagerunner 2130 / 1630 / 1670f - 24,000 page yield - same as 78 Avl RFQ
    9627A008AA canon imgrnr lbp5970 1-cyan drum yeild 40,000 Avl RFQ
    DPCDR350 remanufactured dr350 drum, 12000 page yield, black Avl RFQ
    7815A004AB canon gpr-10 drum unit ir1300/1310/1330/1370-24k yld Avl RFQ
    DPCDR400 remanufactured dr400 drum unit, black Avl RFQ
    9624A008AA canon imgrnr lbp5970 1-yellow drum yeild 40,000 Avl RFQ
    40468701 image drum - black - 30000 pages - for op18 / op20 / op24dx / op24dxn Avl RFQ
    D625J imaging drum kit for 7330dn supl 60000 Avl RFQ
    S051035 laser, image ctdg, epl-n2000, 10,000 page yield Avl RFQ
    1334A003AA copier drum, np6025, 6030, 6330, npg7 Avl RFQ
    TU031 imaging drum kit for 1125 20000supl Avl RFQ
    1340A003AA gp60 1-drum unit Avl RFQ
    DK40360 dk40360 drum kit, black Avl RFQ
    DK42500 drum set, mfx-2500, mfx-2530 67,000 page yield Avl RFQ
    S051055 photoconductor unit - black - 20000 pages - for epl-5700i Avl RFQ
    40433318 40433318 image drum, black Avl RFQ
    DPCDR510 remanufactured dr510 drum, black Avl RFQ
    6648A004 canon gpr-6 drum unit Avl RFQ
    DR720 replacement drum unit (dr720) Avl RFQ
    0456B003AA canon gpr-23 blk drum irc2550/2880/3380/3080-70k yld Avl RFQ
    1341A003AA laser, drum, gp200, 200f, black Avl RFQ
    41304106 image drum - magenta - 30000 pages - for c7200 / c7400 series Avl RFQ
    C6J59 eu req c7765dn drum kit blk col 332-1884 Avl RFQ
    9630A004BA canon gpr-15/16 drum unit ir2230/2270/2830/2870-85k yld Avl RFQ
    0258B001AA canon gpr-20/21 blk drum irc4080/4580/5180/5185-78k yld Avl RFQ
    DR210CL replacement drum set (dr210cl) Avl RFQ
    1331A003AA copier drum, np1820, 2020, 2120,6020 npg1 - 50,000 page yield Avl RFQ
    DR250 drum unit ppf2800 2900 3800 (dr250) Avl RFQ
    0256B001AA canon gpr-20/21 mgt drum irc4080/4580/5180/5185-78k yld Avl RFQ
    6837A004AA 6837a004aa drum, black Avl RFQ
    S051011 toner,al 1000/1500,image Avl RFQ
    7815A004AA copier, drum, ir1300,1200,1210, gpr10, 1270, 1310, 1330, 1370 - 24,000 yield Avl RFQ
    DR310CL replacement drum unit (dr310cl) Avl RFQ
    41304105 41304105 type c2 drum unit, yellow Avl RFQ
    DPCDR360 remanufactured dr360 drum, 12000 page-yield, black Avl RFQ
    7429A005BA ep87 laser toner drum for canon imageclass mf8170c mf8180c - 7429a005 Avl RFQ
    DR520-ER compatible brother dr520 laser drum unit Avl RFQ
    DR400 rep drum hl1200 1400 series (dr400) Avl RFQ
    D4283 eu req imaging drum 1700 1700n 1710 30k pgs 31 Avl RFQ
    1338A003AA canon 1338a003aa npg-13 drum for np-6035 Avl RFQ
    DR500 replacement drum hl1650 1670n (dr500) Avl RFQ
    0255B001AA canon gpr-20/21 ylw drum irc4080/4580/5180/5185-78k yld Avl RFQ
    1342A003AA copier drum, imagerunner 330, 400 Avl RFQ
    DK2030 dk2030 drum, black, 20,000 page-yield, black Avl RFQ
    0385B003BA laser,drum, gpr18, imagerunner 2016 Avl RFQ
    0457B003AA canon gpr-23 cyn drum irc2550/2880/3380/3080-60k yld Avl RFQ
    S051104 photoconductor unit (s051104) Avl RFQ
    1315A003AA f432101700 drum unit for the np1010 np1020 npc100 avg yield 20000 pgs at 5 perce Avl RFQ
    7429A005 ep-87 drum cart for color imageclass mf8 Avl RFQ
    EP87DRUM ep87drum drum, black Avl RFQ
    DR620 replacement drum unit (dr620rdu) Avl RFQ
    C920K imaging drum kit for 1230c supl 1235cn 24000 Avl RFQ
    DR420 drum unit (brotherdr420) Avl RFQ
    DR221CL colour laser - imaging drum Avl RFQ
    7429A005AA drum mf8170c (ep87drum) Avl RFQ
    DR510-ER compatible brother dr510 laser drum unit Avl RFQ
    DR600 replacement drum hl6050 (dr600) Avl RFQ
    DR360 drum unithl2140 hl2170w (dr360) Avl RFQ
    DR331CL dr331cl drum unit supl for hll8250cdn 8350cdw 8350cdwt Avl RFQ
    DR-360-ER compatible brother dr360 laser drum unit Avl RFQ
    DPCPB16DC remanufactured 817-6 drum cartridge, black Avl RFQ
    40433305 40433305 drum unit, black Avl RFQ
    TJ987 imaging drum kit for 1720 supl 1720dn Avl RFQ
    2777B004BA canon gpr-30 clr drum unit c5045/5051-85k yld Avl RFQ
    0257B001AA canon gpr-20/21 cyn drum irc4080/4580/5180/5185-78k yld Avl RFQ
    9625A008AA canon imgrnr lbp5970 1-magenta drum yeild 40,000 Avl RFQ
    TWR5P dell c376xn/dn/dnf drum kit tonr imaging drum kit 331-8434 Avl RFQ
    DR-620-ER compatible brother dr620 laser drum unit Avl RFQ
    41304107 image drum - cyan - 30000 pages - for c7200 / c7400 series Avl RFQ
    DR200 dr200 drum unit, black Avl RFQ
    DR-555MICR dr-555micr drum unit Avl RFQ
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