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Miscellaneous Devices IT Hardware Components List

You’ve come to the right place if you need host bus adapters. We’ve compiled an expansive list of these, including top parts numbers such as WMK1, 521L 12 S3, 0321-004, MX9401HANDLE, MINI-UEK. A list of top manufacturers like Bogen Photo Corp, Honeywell, Axis Computers, Chenbro, American Power Conversion Corp is also included for your convenience. AFR Enterprises has the parts you need, whether it is a host bus adapter or another one of the countless parts we support, such as Miscellaneous Devices. Check the rest of our IT hardware components catalog to see how we can help you or RFQ to get connected now.

Miscellaneous Devices Manufacturers List

Miscellaneous Devices Part Numbers List

  • Part No Part Description QTY RFQ
    WMK1 wall mounting kit for cam c10 & c20 Avl RFQ
    521L 12 S3 scan heater 12v works with 8500perp series scan Avl RFQ
    0321-004 axis p8221 network i/o module and Avl RFQ
    MX9401HANDLE mx9 padded handle w/ rubber accs overmold and two finger trigger inc Avl RFQ
    MINI-UEK uek kit for jbod rm235/rm417 cpnt Avl RFQ
    PD3PADAPT1 apc adaptor for t1 type circuit breaker, Avl RFQ
    520L 3648 S3 scan heater cable retractor 36vperp 48v works with 8500 series scan Avl RFQ
    5900-181 t98a18-ve cabinet for t91a61 wall Avl RFQ
    5800-341 axis q603x-e smoked dome witho ut line, hd quality Avl RFQ
    ACM8 ul recognized access pwr.cntrl 8 fuse protected ac sys.output Avl RFQ
    ATPLATE-052 atlas atplate-052 attenuator rack mounti Avl RFQ
    S902006 auto cutter spare blade Avl RFQ
    5900-151 axis t98a15-ve surveillance encl cabinet Avl RFQ
    PWR-COVER-4450 (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) cover slot on isr 4450 Avl RFQ
    P-1044 4 source| 4-zone a-bus matrix call for availability Avl RFQ
    5026-401 pair eth cover adpt sup ieee802.3af/at, axis t8640 ethernet over coax adaptor poe+ - media converter - rj-45 / bnc ( pack of 2 ) - for axis p1346, p1346-e, p5534, p5534-e Avl RFQ
    PL2A small rpa ser proj lock blk Avl RFQ
    AACSYSU2 cipher key management system perp Avl RFQ
    VX89351PWRSPLY vm: screen blanking switch box , universal Avl RFQ
    PWR-C2-BLANK cisco config 2 power supply blanking panel, spare, cisco config 2 power supply blanking panel, spare Avl RFQ
    ACAC10003 apc inrow roof height adapter sx to vx Avl RFQ
    DSP-PM10A personality mod avaya110t568a cpnt Avl RFQ
    5505-461 axis t90b30 illuminator Avl RFQ
    CC-XP-1 cable cup for dex/printer eol- see cc-p-00xx Avl RFQ
    NXA-PAC-1100W (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) nexus airflow port side outlet, cisco (nxa-pac-1100w=) nexus 1100w Avl RFQ
    FX1501IMAGER marathon:imager add-on(1d&2d) Avl RFQ
    ACF601 fan temperature controller Avl RFQ
    V12H590001 interactive pen extension bl436wi Avl RFQ
    SBX-LSP locking ss video door station cover for ax w/hid Avl RFQ
    5092B001 heater unit for vb-m600ve Avl RFQ
    ADAP-PTNX-KIT accessory-ptnx adapter kit tonr Avl RFQ
    PS12VLB-INT-MED 12vdc medical grade power pwr supply Avl RFQ
    TC-ISF08 istarusa accessory tc-isf08 8port 3pin fan sensor board (7 days rma) Avl RFQ
    SPR-RK2-MNT s1500-12p spare rack/wall mnt kit. front/mid mnt to 19- rack Avl RFQ
    NXA-AIRFLOW-SLV (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) airfl nexus 2200, cisco (nxa-airflow-slv=) nexus airf Avl RFQ
    5505-181 back box for 3/4in m25 protect pipes Avl RFQ
    NXA-PAC-1100W-B nexus 1100w platinum ps reverse, nexus 1100w platinum ps reverse Avl RFQ
    MX8A401HANDLE mx8:padded handle w/rubber ove rmold & two finger trigger-not Avl RFQ
    350118 2pk 50mm microsata ssd to sata conv adapter Avl RFQ
    PWR-IE50W-AC-IEC ac power module w/ iec plug, ac power module w/ iec plug Avl RFQ
    5503-961 smoked dome cover q60xx-e/-c series Avl RFQ
    PWR-C45-1400DC c4500 1400w dc triple input sp power supply-data only (ships from mfg), (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) c4500 input sp power supply data only Avl RFQ
    521L 24 S3 scan heater 24v works with 8500perp series scan Avl RFQ
    DSP-PM13B p mod siemons s210t568b cpnt Avl RFQ
    1175044L2 ta 850 battery back-up-system, 1175044l2-adtran Avl RFQ
    DSP-PLCAL permanent link calibration mdleperp Avl RFQ
    EC1000 pdu local remote monitoring cpnt ec1000 energy box latest evolution, aten energy box fd only Avl RFQ
    ZCA-DCS50 smoke dome cover for 5000 seri es domes Avl RFQ
    520L 12 S3 scan heater cable retractor 12vperp works with 8500 series scan Avl RFQ
    300001670 chargebase & netbase pwr sup pwr dolphin 70e black Avl RFQ
    AP-220-MNT-W2W ap mount kit box style secure mnt flat surface Avl RFQ
    5900-321 t98a19-ve surveillance cabinet accs use w/ p5414-e ip66 ik10 nema 4x Avl RFQ
    1T-2000-MOD onetouch at module lan fiber perp wlan Avl RFQ
    AD5SARM6G 6gb 5port rack mount multipliercpnt Avl RFQ
    84H331410-025 cmb board set including cables ctlr Avl RFQ
    84H324110-009 fan 4028pwm fan with bracket cfan rm241 Avl RFQ
    ACAC75009 flooded receiver 17lb r410a 6in. diameter 18in. length Avl RFQ
    103-115108-02 ccm-lx network control module Avl RFQ
    ACAC10022 isolation valve assemblies Avl RFQ
    5800-761 smoked dome for p54-series accs Avl RFQ
    5021-101 axis t97a10 encl ip66d q7401 p8221 p7701 Avl RFQ
    VISIOCPMA microscope adapter (visiocpma) Avl RFQ
    FUPPDBHC union peak power distribution pwr board high current, intel power distribution board 750w 1200w 1600w p4000 Avl RFQ
    5900-171 t98a17-ve cabinet for p33-ve Avl RFQ
    MD-2HK megadome 2 optional heater kit 10v - 50v dc Avl RFQ
    VISION3IM avervision130/300i led light accs module w/laser pointer (back clip) Avl RFQ
    5503-441 ir illuminator q87-e 50/10 degree 100m Avl RFQ
    CASE-PTNX-SM accessory-small ptnx case tonr Avl RFQ
    CPAC-SPARES-21400 replacement parts kit (including 1 hard Avl RFQ
    BR-VDX8770-48X1G-SFP-1 eu req 48 x 1gb vdx8770 sfp blade no optics Avl RFQ
    ADP-MPO-B type b polarity mpo adapter cpnt Avl RFQ
    70E-MC mobile charger chrg cable microdock usb port dolphin 70e black Avl RFQ
    78-6972-0013-3 3m simply interactive module Avl RFQ
    MX7402HANDLE tecton/mx7 padded handle w/ accs rubber overmold and two finger trig Avl RFQ
    MD-1HK megadome optional heater kit 1 0v-50v Avl RFQ
    5013-161 t90a16 w-led 50 accs Avl RFQ
    520L 24 S3 scan heater cable retractor 24vperp works with 8500 series scan Avl RFQ
    CVR-QSFP-SFP10G (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) qsfp, qsfp to sfp10g adapter Avl RFQ
    5900-161 axis t98a16-ve surveillance encl cabinet Avl RFQ
    97-846 learn fit basket Avl RFQ
    CSN/NTM-EA3-UGD ntm 36tb ext storage appl perp Avl RFQ
    PD3PADAPT5 apc adaptor for t5 type circuit breaker Avl RFQ
    PS-095-1700D-NA dolphin 9.5v p/s for use w/com & chrg cbl,7850 hndl chrg port Avl RFQ
    AP9810 apc dry contact i/o accessory Avl RFQ
    P-1014 1x4 abus distribution module Avl RFQ
    MX7412BELT mx7:gearkeeper retractor with belt for use with mx7411case Avl RFQ
    VM2530FRONTPNL vm2 replacement front panel in cludes tchscrn and keys Avl RFQ
    ARC-6120BA-T121 areca accessory arc-6120ba-t121 battery backup module for arc-1882 retail (7 days rma) Avl RFQ
    59Y6265 eu req ibm max5 for system x Avl RFQ
    HSG2 outdoor ip67 poe housing for m egavideo cam Avl RFQ
    V12H681010 pro av pro z installation framecase Avl RFQ
    5800-481 clear dome d for q60-e/-c encl Avl RFQ
    FI1000-LC-TIP lc bulkhead video probe tip cpnt Avl RFQ
    XSI-10-FILTER eu req fan filter for serveriron adx 10000 chas Avl RFQ
    CMA472 above ceiling enclosure accs Avl RFQ
    100005325FRE gray tool-free thumbwheel end part cap comm cdls image scanners only Avl RFQ
    TPA105 pole pitch -mount cover Avl RFQ
    5503-611 10pcs clip on blk cover m3006-v m3007-pv Avl RFQ
    521L 3648 S3 scan heater 36v 48v works with perp 8500 series scan Avl RFQ
    RVCP remote volume control panel fo r power vector amps Avl RFQ
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