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When it comes to Boss Audio Systems electronic components, you can trust AFR Enterprises to provide high-quality parts and first-rate customer service. On this page, you can explore our comprehensive catalog of Boss electronic components like BV9386NV, CD-3025R, EXSIMMAX642-902, 2003 13-GREY, BV11.2F and more. Backed by a vetted supply network that stretches across the globe, these parts are readily available to meet your specific needs with expedited shipping times and guaranteed authenticity.

Founded in 1987, Boss Audio Systems is an American manufacturer of audio and video equipment for automotive, power sport, aviation, and marine applications. More specifically, they provide a variety of part types to enhance in-flight audio experiences, including aviation intercom systems that enable clear and seamless communication between pilots and crew members. They also offer aircraft audio panels or specialized speakers that serve as the central control unit for audio systems in the cockpit, allowing pilots to manage and monitor various audio sources such as radios, navigation systems, and intercoms.

AFR Enterprises aims to provide customized solutions that cater to the specific needs of our customers. As you browse the available items below, we encourage you to request quotes for your comparisons on any items of interest using the RFQ form provided on our website. Within 15 minutes of receiving and reviewing your submission, a dedicated member of our team of representatives will formulate a solution that is tailored to your stated requirements.

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  • Part No Part Type Part Description QTY RFQ
    Part No Part Type Part Description QTY RFQ
    CX104DVC-A1 NA 10 chaos dul 4 ohm vc sub Avl RFQ
    P10DVC-A1 NA 10 phntm dvc subwoofer Avl RFQ
    B970 NA boss office products b970 traditional chairs Avl RFQ
    SK553 multi element speakers phantom skull 5x7 3way spkrs perp skull cover iluminated eyes Avl RFQ
    EXSIMMAX640721 NA NA Avl RFQ
    PH4.500 1103 NA NA Avl RFQ
    CXX2004 NA bridgeable - 103 db snr - 0% thd - 9 hz to 50 khz - mosfet power Avl RFQ
    CXX1204-A1 NA 1200w 4chan amp Avl RFQ
    N280G-M NA plexiglass recp return, mahoganyn280g-m42w x 24d x 29h Avl RFQ
    B990-CP NA boss office products b990-cp executive chairs Avl RFQ
    B8109 NA boss office products b8109 guest chairs Avl RFQ
    CXX152-A1 NA 200w 2chan amp Avl RFQ
    MR652C multi element speakers 6 1/2in marine spkr audiophile spkr quality 350w white Avl RFQ
    BV9568BI NA touchscreen - dvd video, video cd, svcd, mp4, sdvd - fm, am - se Avl RFQ
    N145-C NA boss reversible return 24 x 48, cherry Avl RFQ
    ATV80 NA boss atv80 speaker system - 350 w rms - 15 hz - 25 khz - ipod su Avl RFQ
    CX650 NA 102 db snr - 0% thd Avl RFQ
    BV9354 1103 NA NA Avl RFQ
    BV12.1MCH NA dvd video - fm1024 x 600 - roof-mountable Avl RFQ
    B6406 NA boss office products b6406 mesh task chair Avl RFQ
    R15239206 NA smd 80p. Avl RFQ
    B9521-BE NA boss office products b9521-be guest chairs Avl RFQ
    B9401-WT NA boss office products b9401-wt executive chairs Avl RFQ
    MR60B 1423 NA NA Avl RFQ
    CRD3 NA iphone 3 & 3gs docking cradle Avl RFQ
    CAP3.5R 1103 NA NA Avl RFQ
    00384M2.5X4 NA NA Avl RFQ
    812UAB NA 2din mechless rcvr w bt Avl RFQ
    BV9557 NA dvd video, video cd, svcd - fm, am - secure digital (sd) - auxil Avl RFQ
    TW19 multi element speakers micro-dome chrome tweeter Avl RFQ
    MRANT12W networking boss rubber ducky type marine antenna Avl RFQ
    CXX354 automotive chaos power amp 400w 2-channel perp max Avl RFQ
    N147-C NA boss bullet desk 71 x 35, cherry Avl RFQ
    MRWT8W NA 40 hz to 20 khz snr - white Avl RFQ
    MR1630UA NA marine single din receiver perp with wired remote white Avl RFQ
    TW20 multi element speakers micro dome chrome tweetr Avl RFQ
    BRS52 multi element speakers boss 5.25 in dual cone spkr replacement speaker Avl RFQ
    BV7940 NA am, fm - auxiliary input - ipod/iphone compatible Avl RFQ
    AR2600.2 1423 NA NA Avl RFQ
    PC65.2C multi element speakers 6.5 phntm comp spkr with Avl RFQ
    N196-M NA boss 42 x 24 reversible return, mahogany Avl RFQ
    MR60W OR AVA-MR... NA NA Avl RFQ
    622UA NA lcd display - mp3 - am, fm - 18, 12 x fm, am preset - secure dig Avl RFQ
    B9709C NA boss office products b9709c executive chairs Avl RFQ
    728CA 1026 NA NA Avl RFQ
    R3400D 1423 NA NA Avl RFQ
    B2007-BK NA boss office products b2007-bk task chairs Avl RFQ
    KIT-10 1423 NA NA Avl RFQ
    MRWT69-A1 NA 6x9 4-way waketower spkr Avl RFQ
    B2007-BY NA boss office products b2007-by task chairs Avl RFQ
    B850-BK NA boss office products b850-bk executive chairs Avl RFQ
    B1635-BK NA boss office products b1635-bk drafting & medical stools Avl RFQ
    AR3000D-A1 NA armor 3000w monoblk amp Avl RFQ
    R01908412 NA qfp Avl RFQ
    CER463 multi element speakers 4x6in 3way spkrs Avl RFQ
    B9091-CS NA boss office products b9091-cs task chairs Avl RFQ
    BV9372BI NA dvd video - am, fm - secure digital (sd), multimediacard (mmc) Avl RFQ
    B8316-BN NA boss office products b8316-bn executive seating Avl RFQ
    B6608 NA boss office products b6608 task chairs Avl RFQ
    BX35 mounting kits 3-way electronic crossover perp Avl RFQ
    B65N NA converter, hi level to low level Avl RFQ
    B327-BE NA boss office products b327-be task chairs Avl RFQ
    MR50W OR MR50 1... NA NA Avl RFQ
    MCK752WB.6 mounting kits marine receiver & spkr kit perp bt enabled w/ audio streaming Avl RFQ
    CX2500D NA 1 channel(s) - class d Avl RFQ
    BV11.2F mounting kits boss 11.1in ws flip down tft perp monitor Avl RFQ
    B325-PK NA boss office products b325-pk task chairs Avl RFQ
    B325-RD NA boss office products b325-rd task chairs Avl RFQ
    CER652 NA boss audio cer652 300 watts 6.5 inch 2-way design chaos erupt ca Avl RFQ
    CX450 1423 NA NA Avl RFQ
    AR1600.2 1103 NA NA Avl RFQ
    N144-M NA boss hutch with doors 71 x 15 x 36, mahogany Avl RFQ
    B6ST-M NA boss office products b6st-m side table Avl RFQ
    BX35-A1 NA electronic crossover Avl RFQ
    758DBI NA NA Avl RFQ
    CER422 multi element speakers 4in 2way spkrs Avl RFQ
    ch6940 multi element speakers boss 6x9in 4-way chaos speakersspkr pair Avl RFQ
    CH10 NA NA Avl RFQ
    65.7152.442.00-... NA sisa0-rf2 Avl RFQ
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