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Telephone And Communication IT Hardware Components List

Telephone And Communication Manufacturers List

Telephone And Communication Part Numbers List

  • Part No Part Desc QTY RFQ
    MVP130BG 1 port fxs/fxo voip gateway accs, 1 port fxs/fxo voip gateway accs Avl RFQ
    0272-001 axis communications 0272-001 video server 247s, axis 247s mpeg4 bnc 10/100 perp 704x480 poe powers the camera(eol) Avl RFQ
    MVP410BG bogen mvp410bg voip gateway, 4 port voip gateway Avl RFQ
    PDA-232LI dantona pda-232li gps device battery, replacement sky golf battery batt replacement bat-0002-1050 battery Avl RFQ
    0232-024 axis communications 0232-024 video server 240q, axis 240q vid svr blade Avl RFQ
    PDA-204LI dantona pda-204li gps device battery, replacement trimble battery batt replacement pda battery Avl RFQ
    MVP210BG bogen mvp210bg voip gateway for paging, 2 port voip gateway Avl RFQ
    MVP810BG 8 port voip gateway, 8 port voip gateway Avl RFQ
    1200779L1 adtran 1200779l1 attendant console, adtran ip601em Avl RFQ
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