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  • Part No Part Desc QTY RFQ
    MID462 samsung mid462 intelocking mount (eol) Avl RFQ
    GMP-150 avteq gmp150 32"" - 46"" av cart Avl RFQ
    ACFS76001 inroom floorstand nam only size1 h12in Avl RFQ
    1255B006AA st-11 - stand & media bin (17in/432mm) Avl RFQ
    101EL quartet 2 sided easel 27x34 blackframe Avl RFQ
    STND-021 stand for cdx series and cdp5560-l Avl RFQ
    AMR1S height adjusting monitor stand stnd amr1s Avl RFQ
    PANA58CT panasonic pana58ct mobile plasma stand Avl RFQ
    SSW-22BS straight side wing/ebony/metal sides/14s Avl RFQ
    12B0602 mfp adj stnd for t series c710 c720 Avl RFQ
    L-WBX-EE-AU-NEW-M (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) webex new service subs Avl RFQ
    SURT013 apc surt equipment cart Avl RFQ
    4701 pixmate plastic cart with reinforced top shelf Avl RFQ
    SC550GL 50in flat panel cart with glassstnd base Avl RFQ
    997-7705-00 taa compliant large quad mntr stnd stand sup 24in to 32in less 26lbs Avl RFQ
    CTS-CAM-P60 (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) telep camera spare, cisco (cts-cam-p60=) cisco telepres Avl RFQ
    AW664UT#ABA sbuy adjustable dual monitor stand Avl RFQ
    STND-015 stand for cd3225 stnd Avl RFQ
    L-WBX-EE-EC-M23 (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) use t for rnwl Avl RFQ
    930-401-084-C collaborate evcs bundle c, collaborate evcs bundle c includes vcb 12x mcu 1yr com care (ships from mfg) (no returns or exchanges) Avl RFQ
    L-WBX-STRG-1G-NY1 (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) 1yr n increments Avl RFQ
    147B300GEB galaxy tab3 adjustable stand, black Avl RFQ
    LAP18EBA-GM 18-unit laptop cart w/elect units in bac Avl RFQ
    B115112 dp-501-112 stand alone base w/omntr ctlr board f/dm-d500 edg Avl RFQ
    EBC60-MS2 mobile cart w/ 60in dual pole &stnd tilting mnt for flat panels 175lbs Avl RFQ
    L-WBX-IM-EC-S2-RY2 (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) 2yr s tier 2 100-999u Avl RFQ
    STND-034 stnd for cde4600-l Avl RFQ
    30R6969 ergotron ds 100 dual monitor stand Avl RFQ
    ECRR-20-20CH ecr 20 space rack/cherry Avl RFQ
    23452 plastic stand for axis 210 and axis Avl RFQ
    100-D28-B11-HD dual-28 in pole-black-heavy duty base Avl RFQ
    MDMLAP20NR-CTAL 20 unit network ready laptop cart cart charge secure cust pays frt Avl RFQ
    910-2003-003 spontania ent- base 50 50 lics lics 5 gateway sip/h.323 im prs adm mgt, spontania ent- base 50 50 licenses 5 gateway sip / h.323 im prs adm mgt (ships from mfg) (no returns or exchanges) Avl RFQ
    910-401-624 collaborate 9way multipoint phdlics lics, collaborate 9way multipoint phd licenses (ships from mfg) (no returns or exchanges) Avl RFQ
    910-2003-007 spontania ent mt rm 1 dedicatedlics mtg rm 25 attend pr rm, spontania ent mt rm 1 dedicated mtg rm 25 attend pr rm (ships from mfg) (no returns or exchanges) Avl RFQ
    78126 model c flr stnd carpet prtbl man screen Avl RFQ
    FC2020-GM office machine cab 20w24 1/2h x 20d Avl RFQ
    BK911AV cto 2009 usdt chas twr stnd Avl RFQ
    A1X79AT smart buy dual position l6010 stnd stand Avl RFQ
    GTLS-0055 mobile laptop stand - black Avl RFQ
    gm-200l 32in. tall cart holds up to two 32in. monitors all steel construction Avl RFQ
    LAPTG15ESA-RN nb cart holds 15-laptops asembled elec b (over 125 lbs, no free gnd) Avl RFQ
    CTS-MX300-55-FSKB (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) telep stand base spare Avl RFQ
    LAP24ERBFR-GM 24 nb cart assembled 8in casters front e (over 125 lbs, no free gnd) Avl RFQ
    26B0083 endovue 15, desktop stand ,light gray Avl RFQ
    SP-P-SSP-LIC (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) subsc Avl RFQ
    B132101 dp-210-101 stand alone base mntr no cancellations Avl RFQ
    PSD-EB72 elliptical floor stand with stnd 72in chrome pole Avl RFQ
    911-300-001 titan single monitor cart, fits up to 36 inch monitor Avl RFQ
    MCP-NEW-LIC (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) serve capture platform Avl RFQ
    30165 metal art jr stand blk Avl RFQ
    DS-219STB-R refurb flex stand assembled forstnd ds-219stb dual monitor Avl RFQ
    MST-5B boom mic stand & tripod Avl RFQ
    MFMUS universal flat panel confidence monitor cart (30-55 displays) Avl RFQ
    L-WBX-SOC+4-C-UWL (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) 5yr t cloud add 4 yrs Avl RFQ
    UCSS-U-EXPRMS-1-1 (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) 1yr u media session 1u Avl RFQ
    PRJTPS35 universal platform proj stand accs w/ height angle tilt adjustments Avl RFQ
    INF-TBL4255 thin display table legs stnd inf4201 inf5501 Avl RFQ
    910-2003-008 spontania ent gateway lics 1 lics concurrent sip/h.323 lics, spontania ent gateway licenses 1 concurrent sip / h.323 licenses (ships from mfg) (no returns or exchanges) Avl RFQ
    4702 da-lite pl9-48r cart for tv & monitor Avl RFQ
    42067 425-deluxe project-o stand accs 17inx25in table shelf cust pays frt Avl RFQ
    PFM2000S large confidence monitor cart 3 feet to 4 feet (without interface) Avl RFQ
    TH-EMC motorized tv cart holds up to mnt 57in max 110lb tilt pivot up/down Avl RFQ
    140S213EXENS ipad brandme stand with executive enclos Avl RFQ
    SC560DPS sc560dps flat panel floor cart accs 32-65in blk powder coat taa, flat panel floor cart 32-65in blk powder coat taa (ships from mfg) Avl RFQ
    ERT-WTSD ert-wt/with seating Avl RFQ
    B131112 small stand alone base for dm- dm-d110-111,w/o cntrlr brd,edg Avl RFQ
    SS560DPB dual pole floor stand for stnd 32-65in flat panel disp blk taa Avl RFQ
    STND-011 stand for cd4230 stnd Avl RFQ
    SS560M flat panel stand with metal mnt shelf for 32-65in monitors blk taa Avl RFQ
    PSP-72B low profile floor stand with mnt 72in single pole black Avl RFQ
    01-04FUSION-31G fusion 4ch gsa 3-omni 1-lapel perp Avl RFQ
    PTS2233 plasma table stand Avl RFQ
    E647647 1900l/2200l gray desktop stand Avl RFQ
    KTP320B flat panel triple monitor mnt (ktp320b) Avl RFQ
    STS1 small swivel table stand Avl RFQ
    CTS-CTRL-DV8 (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) endea cradle and handset, cisco (cts-ctrl-dv8=) spare -touch Avl RFQ
    633808091057 hands free ccd scanner stand accs for wcs3900/ wcs3905 Avl RFQ
    YMC00UCS00018084 (3-4 days prior to shipment) cisco meetingpla managed installation Avl RFQ
    DM12-1005-2 tablet charging wall mount 12 (eu) Avl RFQ
    PMKSPAD5 2-in-1 mic & tablet stand accs for tablet 4.7in to 8.7in Avl RFQ
    BW60-MS2 mobile cart w/ 60in poles and mnt tilt mount Avl RFQ
    147B225POSB slide ipad pos floor stand blk (147b225posb) Avl RFQ
    203-933-001 desktop stand, cn70/70e (posit Avl RFQ
    SN3325 mobile presentation station cart adjustable 4 work stations Avl RFQ
    ID-602 fixie red stand for tablet accs Avl RFQ
    A2642NS av notebook & proj cart, adj top shelf Avl RFQ
    H4W98UT#ABA smart buy multi tablet chargingpwr module Avl RFQ
    AMR6S hex monitor stand support 75mm or 100mm vesa Avl RFQ
    TCP23-BK pal mm av cart rubber caster no electric Avl RFQ
    930-401-170 collaborate console, dualdispay with windows operating system, collaborate console dual display 46in hd lcd with os (ships from mfg) (no returns or exchanges) Avl RFQ
    716312.001.000.BB (3-4 days prior to shipment) (end user) eu req p2psmdsps48vdcst, p2-ps-m-d-s ps 48vdc standard (ships from mfg) Avl RFQ
    CMST-9T mic tripod stand w/clutch Avl RFQ
    ACFS76019 inroom floorstand nam only,size1 h 24in Avl RFQ
    850-401-013 foot stand kit for use with collaborate Avl RFQ
    PSD-EB72B elliptical floor stand with stnd 72in black pole Avl RFQ
    AIDATA-NS001B make your notebook more comfortable and ergonomic as desk-top pc, ergonomic desi Avl RFQ
    TCPUL23FF-BK pal mm av cart rubber casters electric b Avl RFQ
    8036601 standard monitor riser (fel8036601) Avl RFQ
    EBC60-UFA mobile cart 60in poles w arms Avl RFQ
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