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Miscellaneous Kits IT Hardware Components List

You’ve come to the right place if you need host bus adapters. We’ve compiled an expansive list of these, including top parts numbers such as AR4602, ZSTRBK, AR7701, SUVTOPT009, PK-412. A list of top manufacturers like American Power Conversion Corp, Anthronix, Apg Cash Drawer, Alera Technologies, Adesto Technology Corp is also included for your convenience. AFR Enterprises has the parts you need, whether it is a host bus adapter or another one of the countless parts we support, such as Miscellaneous Kits. Check the rest of our IT hardware components catalog to see how we can help you or RFQ to get connected now.

Miscellaneous Kits Manufacturers List

Miscellaneous Kits Part Numbers List

  • Part No Part Description QTY RFQ
    AR4602 netshelter cx high security handle adapter kit Avl RFQ
    ZSTRBK secure your equipment in place on any equipment shelf with this handy kit. (the Avl RFQ
    AR7701 netshelter sx bolt down kit (ar7701) Avl RFQ
    SUVTOPT009 apc smart-ups vt parallel communication kit, including start up Avl RFQ
    PK-412 drawer sensing switch Avl RFQ
    AP9361 apc netbotz rack access px - hid Avl RFQ
    240146 aleratec ide accy pk for hd portacruiser Avl RFQ
    ACS-120FG designer ipad2 adj case grey case Avl RFQ
    AP9924 apc battery management harness - 5 ft Avl RFQ
    ACS-120FB designer ipad2 adj case black case Avl RFQ
    CK10B 10 foot cable & clamp - black, bogen cable and clamp support kit, black, 10ft Avl RFQ
    CK10W 10in. suspension cable kit off-white, bogen cable and clamp support kit, off white, 10ft Avl RFQ
    AR7740 koldlok extended raised floor grommet Avl RFQ
    ESYS2 esys2 enhancer system complete voice enhancement pkg Avl RFQ
    PDM2332IEC-3P30R-1 pwr dist. mod. 3x1 pole 3 wire rcd 32a 3xiec309 300cm, 360cm, 420cm Avl RFQ
    SW660 wl quad horn hailer kit wrls amp horn speakers tripods case Avl RFQ
    PK-407 latcharm,wheel,spring,tieclip, status/sw,(2)wandbar springs Avl RFQ
    FG2255-05K amx nxa base / 1 kit Avl RFQ
    SURT007 apc smart-ups rt 3000/5000va i/o Avl RFQ
    KL1508AMUKIT 8port kl1508am with 8pcs of perp ka7970 usb kvm adapter cable bndl, aten 8pt. lcd kvm bundle-kl1508am & 12 ka7970 Avl RFQ
    PK-408B lock rod assembly for s100 inc ludes lock rod and pin Avl RFQ
    AR8112BLK apc bolt down bracket kint - blk Avl RFQ
    CLCS1308MUKIT aten network clcs1308mukit cl1000m(lcd console) cs1308(8port kvm) 8 usb kvm cable bundl (7 days rma), aten 8-port 17"" lcd console kit with (8) usb cables Avl RFQ
    KL1516AMUKIT kit 16port lcd kvm switch incl perp kl1516am 12-ka7970, aten 16pt. lcd kvm bundle-kl1516am & 12 ka7970 Avl RFQ
    CL5716MUKIT NA Avl RFQ
    PK-411R31SA solenoid assembly, 24v, 31 ohm solenoid, o-ring & plunger Avl RFQ
    WKB-1000XB bt3 alum kb case tablet std bl (wkb1000xb) Avl RFQ
    PK-808B lock rod assembly for s4000 Avl RFQ
    ACF127 rack air removal unit sx ducting kit for 600mm ceiling tiles Avl RFQ
    4X44SCOVERWH iphone4/4s replace lcd cover case iphone4/4s replacement lcd cover Avl RFQ
    FG1351-11K enova total experience avx-400, novara cp-3008, drop ceiling kit Avl RFQ
    KH1516AIUKIT 16-port ip kvm w/ 8 usb adapter cables, aten 16-port cat5 kvm kit Avl RFQ
    4200466L2 mx2800 fan adapter kit dc Avl RFQ
    4X44SCOVERBK iphone4/4s replace lcd cover case iphone4/4s replacement lcd cover Avl RFQ
    SYOPT004 battery breaker enclosure fuse kit 1000a Avl RFQ
    AR7715 netshelter sx side air flow duct kit Avl RFQ
    ARACBH1 apc high-density cooling bottom hose kit Avl RFQ
    SW662 deluxe wl quad horn hailer kit wrls amp spkrs deluxe tripods case Avl RFQ
    ARACTH1 apc high-density cooling top hose kit Avl RFQ
    SS1234 ss1234 50w line array spkr perp amplified spkr w/wired mic Avl RFQ
    ESYS1M esys1m enhancer system w/ mic complete voice enhancement pkg Avl RFQ
    CLCS1708IKIT cl1000m lcd console with cabl cs1708i 8port ip kvm bundle, aten 8-port ip kvm kit with 17in lcd Avl RFQ
    NBPD0172 apc netbotz rack access pod 170 for chat Avl RFQ
    RFK106LC wl light control plug in accs plug in receiver hand held remote Avl RFQ
    CLCS1716IKIT kit 16port ps2 usb kvm over ip perp and 17in lcd integrated console, aten 16-port ip kvm kit with 17in lcd Avl RFQ
    SD-DM-MTG-BB spacedec direct mount bit bagduct Avl RFQ
    SB8001 titan portable pa bundle-hh micperp sw800 plus speaker tripods case Avl RFQ
    SURT009 apc smart-ups rt 3000va, 100-120vac, output hardwire kit Avl RFQ
    KH1508AIUKIT 8-port ip kvm w/ 8 usb adapter cables, aten 8-port cat-5 kvm kit Avl RFQ
    SYOPT600 apc seismic kit for 300mm symmetra px 10 Avl RFQ
    23700 instantly kapture notes and ideas with a digital flipchart. bluetooth technology Avl RFQ
    4XKNDLKIT6 kindle wall charger/power pwr adapter w/ 6ft usb cable combo kit Avl RFQ
    MWTV200KIT-01 mywirelesstv hd video kit (mwtv200kit01) Avl RFQ
    SA400-MK document scanner protection kit Avl RFQ
    AR8005 10-32 hardware kit Avl RFQ
    PK-811R31SA solenoid assembly,24v,31ohm or ing,plunger,(2)screws Avl RFQ
    AP9927 apc battery management harness - 100ft Avl RFQ
    SYOPT003 battery breaker enclosure fuse kit 500a Avl RFQ
    PK-807 s4000 latch assembly kit, incl latch,wheel,arm,&retaing clips Avl RFQ
    AP9513 measure-ups switch kit Avl RFQ
    AR8100 apc - rack screws and nuts - (pack of 32 ) Avl RFQ
    SB8002 titan pa bundle-lapel mic perp sw800l plus speaker tripods case Avl RFQ
    AR7730 koldlok surface mount raised floor grommet Avl RFQ
    915WH connect your tabletsto the sync kit, connect the sync kit to your laptop, and vo built to order Avl RFQ
    VE300QKIT extend video audio to 1000' (ve300qkit) Avl RFQ
    AR7708 netshelter sx air recirculation prevention kit Avl RFQ
    UTSHW universal transfer switch hardwire kit Avl RFQ
    AP98275 ups signaling offer for ibm as/400 and ibmi (ibm power systems) Avl RFQ
    SW640 wl half-mile hailer kit wrls wl speaker tripods cases Avl RFQ
    VE300KIT extend video audio to 650 ' (ve300kit) Avl RFQ
    PK-17-5023 adhesive rubber feet kit Avl RFQ
    BCHRBP handheld mic recharge batt pac Avl RFQ
    LC.ACC0A.021 bumper case & anti glare protective film Avl RFQ
    PK-811R10SA solenoid assembly for s4000, 1 2v,10ohm,oring,plunger,2screw Avl RFQ
    ESYS1 esys1 enhancer system complete voice enhancement pkg Avl RFQ
    CK10 10' cable kit, bogen cable support kit, 10ft Avl RFQ
    NBPD0171 netbotz rack access pod 170 Avl RFQ
    AP8702R-NA power cord kit (6 ea) locking c13 to c14 (90 degree) 0.6m north america Avl RFQ
    PK-2B-2 base to case attachment screws 6 (ea) Avl RFQ
    ACS-120FW designer ipad2 adj case white case Avl RFQ
    SW642 deluxe wl half-mile hailer kit wrls wl spkr deluxe tripods cases Avl RFQ
    AP9480 apc netbotz standard pilotpak Avl RFQ
    EBRIDGE100RMT ebridge plus - ethernet over c oax/cat5e adapter kit Avl RFQ
    SUA031 hardwire kit for sua 2200/3000 (sua031) Avl RFQ
    WKB-1000XW compagno x-aluminum 84key usb accs bt kyb w/stand wht for ipad ios 4.0 Avl RFQ
    PK-17-1007 feet for cash drawers (rubber screw on) Avl RFQ
    23701 instantly kapture notes and ideas with a digital flipchart. bluetooth technology Avl RFQ
    ACS-120GB designer ipad2 adj case leathercase Avl RFQ
    ACF126 apc rack air remove duct kit 4 24 tiles Avl RFQ
    B9153 premium travel partner bundle perp sw915 extra speaker tripods covers Avl RFQ
    SA601-PK ambir complete scanner protection kit for ambir ps667, ambir ds687 scanner mod Avl RFQ
    AP9485 apc netbotz enterprise pilotpak Avl RFQ
    AR4703 netshelter cx fan booster kit Avl RFQ
    AP9926 apc battery management harness - 50ft Avl RFQ
    947WH this 10-port usb hub connects 10 mobile devices at a time to your laptop, includ Avl RFQ
    WKB-1020DB compagnoair bluetooth keybard w/case for ipad air adesso compagno air bluetooth Avl RFQ
    ACDC2018 aisle containment lighting kit (w/ power supply) Avl RFQ
    RFK100LC wl light control plug in accs receiver wall mount switch Avl RFQ
    PK-4BB ball bearing kit (2) retainers (16) ball bearings Avl RFQ
    SA002-RS receipt sleeve kit - designed with a clear top and bottom. facilitates two-s Avl RFQ
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