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  • Part No Part Desc QTY RFQ
    2122BGGNNS composite /prox, 16k/16, prog, f-gloss Avl RFQ
    2100PG1NV composite , 2k/2, prog, f-gloss, f-glos Avl RFQ
    82306 standard holomark ultracard card - gold - g - cr-80 - 500 cards per box Avl RFQ
    104523-116 pvc cards cr-80 30mil qty 500 card Avl RFQ
    41058 cardjet 410 smartload card cartridge hid isoprox ii (26 bit format) glossy f Avl RFQ
    VBDG102EU evolis badgy 200 thin cards card only Avl RFQ
    104523-113 30 mil hi-co magnetic stripe b lank pvc cards;5 packs of 100 Avl RFQ
    803229-034 cr80/030 with 1/2- hi co mag s tripe 500cards per box Avl RFQ
    2000PG8MN iclass 2k/2, prog iclass, f-gloss Avl RFQ
    1397LGGMN smartisoproxii,prog,f-gloss,b-gloss,mat Avl RFQ
    2004PG7MN iclass 32k (16k/16 + 16k/1), programmed Avl RFQ
    104524-803 white composite high coerciv m ag stripe 30 mil retran ready Avl RFQ
    82328 hm 500 uc globe silver e card Avl RFQ
    104523-132 silver pvc card 30 mil cr80 qt y 500 Avl RFQ
    597640-001 adhesive sticki back cards,for use with all printers, 10mil Avl RFQ
    41754 cardjet c7 smartload card cartridge hid isoprox ii (26 bit format) glossy fi Avl RFQ
    HID-C1386 iso prox ii graphics quality c ard pack of 50-see notes Avl RFQ
    42454 15pk proximity time cards for cpnt ppdlaubkn/ttproxek Avl RFQ
    2000PGGMH iclass smart card 2k bit with 2 applications areas Avl RFQ
    2040PGGNHM35A1 iclass wiegand 2k/2, prog iclass f-gloss Avl RFQ
    82347 hm 500 ucphc globe silver h card Avl RFQ
    1430MGSBV mifare, prog 13.56m, f-gloss, b-l Avl RFQ
    2042CGGNNS26A wiegand 16k/16, config. non-prg, f-glo Avl RFQ
    82337 standard holomark ultracard iii composite card - silver - f - cr-80 - 500 cards Avl RFQ
    41050 cardjet 410 smartload card cartridge matte finish, 30 mil, 100-count Avl RFQ
    104523-111 30 mil blank white pvc cards; cr80 qty:500 -notes Avl RFQ
    81754 500pk cr80 ultracard pvc blank card 30mil 3.3inx2.1in Avl RFQ
    1431SG1MVN prox&mifare,customprog,f-gloss,b-hi Avl RFQ
    82266 ultracard 10mil, cr80 w/adhesive Avl RFQ
    104523-175 50mil pvc cr-80 cards qty:250 Avl RFQ
    1450NGGNN desfire 4k standard prox card, non-programmed Avl RFQ
    82327 hm 500 uc globe silver d card Avl RFQ
    1431SG1MNN prox&mifare,customprog,f-gloss,b-hi Avl RFQ
    104523-112 30 mil low-co magnetic stripe blank pvc cards;5 packs of 100 Avl RFQ
    81779 ultracard iii 30 mil cards with high-coercivity magnetic stripe, cr-90 - 500 car Avl RFQ
    104523-131 yellow pvc card 30 mil 500 car ds Avl RFQ
    CXISO-MSSCVA-0000 cxiso card,no mag,matching, ve rtical slot punch Avl RFQ
    41304 50pk swipe cards badge numberedcpnt 51-100 for ez/ezek Avl RFQ
    2000PGGMB 2000 iclass card\programmed 2k bits\2 app areas\pln white Avl RFQ
    82214 card dual mag stripe uclll Avl RFQ
    1431MG1NNM prox&mifare,prog13.56m,f-gloss,b-gl Avl RFQ
    82313 hm 500 ucp globe gold f card Avl RFQ
    81764 500pk ultracard 30mil cards supl Avl RFQ
    800059-102-01 premier uhf gen 2 rfid pvc car ds,30 mil,100/box Avl RFQ
    104523-210 10mil pvc cards qty:500,cr-80 Avl RFQ
    2002CGGSB iclass 16k/16, memory config, f-gloss Avl RFQ
    633808550653 wasptime addl 50 barcode badges, seq 101 Avl RFQ
    81751 ultracard pvc card w/high coerc. mag Avl RFQ
    82334 hm 500 ucp globe silver c card Avl RFQ
    2040 w c s card, 2k bit, 2 areas Avl RFQ
    2122BG1MVM composite /prox, 16k/16, prog, f-gloss Avl RFQ
    1336CGGMN duoprox ii,prog casi,f-gloss b-gloss,mat Avl RFQ
    CS125-26 125khz compatible clamshell pr ox card-26bit-w/ slot punch Avl RFQ
    104523-134 blue pvc cards;30 mil,cr80, qu antity 500 Avl RFQ
    1431LGSMNM prox & mifare, prog, f-gloss, b-logo Avl RFQ
    PCA-LOG-25 25 pack of secure login cards magnetic stripe Avl RFQ
    1457RG1MNM prox & desfire 4k comp cust. prog, f-glo Avl RFQ
    2002PGGMH class 16k/16, prgmd, f-gloss, b-gloss, match Avl RFQ
    41753 cardjet c7 smartload card cartridge glossy finish, 30 mil, with high-coercivit Avl RFQ
    104524-104 pvc composite wht.cards,30mil, w/o optical brightener,qty.500 Avl RFQ
    3114-4452 cardpvcw/magstripe,isothin,programming Avl RFQ
    82267 ultracard 10 mil, adhesive, mylar Avl RFQ
    1440SGGMN mifare4k,customprog,f-gloss,b-gloss Avl RFQ
    104523-135 zebra color pvc card - green 3 0 mil (500 cards) Avl RFQ
    41056 cardjet 410 smartload card cartridge indala - 30 mil, 50-count (note: requires Avl RFQ
    82279 ultracard 10 mil cr-79, mylar backed Avl RFQ
    1447NGGNN prox & mifare composite,non-prog mifare Avl RFQ
    809748-002 cards,plastic iso id-1 blank f ront and 1/2- hico mag stripe Avl RFQ
    2001CGGSV iclass 16k/2, configured, f-gloss Avl RFQ
    1386NGGNN isoprox ii prox access card no nprogrammed no number noslot Avl RFQ
    81786 ultracard iii 30 mil cards with high-coercivity magnetic stripe, cr-100 - 500 ca Avl RFQ
    2004PGGMB iclass 32k 16k/16 + 16k/1, prog Avl RFQ
    82330 hm 500 uc globe silver g card Avl RFQ
    82208 ultracard 30 mil cards w/ supl high-coercivity mag stripe Avl RFQ
    41760 cardjet c7 smartload card cartridge casi rusco - 30 mil, 50-count (note: requi Avl RFQ
    81-EA125-101 gv-as id card thin type 125khz accs Avl RFQ
    2042 w c s card, 16k bit, 16 areas Avl RFQ
    1451LG1MNN prox desfire, prog,f-gloss, b-gloss w/ m Avl RFQ
    2003 c s card, 32k bit, areas: 16k/2 + 16k/1 Avl RFQ
    2024BGGSNN iclass, prox 32k(16k/16+16k/1),prog 125k Avl RFQ
    104523-130 pvc card- red, 30mil, qty 500 Avl RFQ
    1430SGGMN mifare card prog plain white s eq match/no slot punch Avl RFQ
    2042PGGNNM34A1 wiegand 16k/16, prog , f b-glos Avl RFQ
    82136 card poly noco ultracard premium Avl RFQ
    2042PGGMNN35A1 wiegand 16k/16, prog , f- gloss Avl RFQ
    2042PGGNVM26A1 iclasswiegand16k/16,progiclass,f-gloss Avl RFQ
    CXPL5-QCCCHA-0000 cxpl5 card,wht/wht,h.slot,non,matching Avl RFQ
    81750 ultracard pvc card w/ low coerc. mag Avl RFQ
    41057 cardjet 410 smartload card cartridge indala - 30 mil, 50-count (note: preprogr Avl RFQ
    82137 ultracard premium 30mil cards with Avl RFQ
    2040PGGMNM34B iclass wiegand 2k/2, prog iclass,f-gloss Avl RFQ
    104523-010 pvc 10mil adhesive back premiercard cards - 500pk Avl RFQ
    82304 hm 500 uc globe gold e card Avl RFQ
    FPISO-SSSCNA-0000 125khz,wht.glossy front,no mag no slot,no art;indala logo Avl RFQ
    82307 hm 500 uc globe gold h card Avl RFQ
    2004PGGMV iclass card 32kbits 16k/16+ 16 k/1 prog seq match vert slot Avl RFQ
    SXF7510 iso - glossy white, 125 khz prox Avl RFQ
    2002PGGAV iclass 16k/16, prgmd, f-gloss, b-gloss Avl RFQ
    2120BGGSNM composite prox 2k/2, programmed, f-glo Avl RFQ
    82325 hm 500 uc globe silver b card Avl RFQ
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