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AFR Enterprises, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, has an extensive catalog of obsolete electronic components at your disposal, such as 10In Desktop Tower Fan, Optimus U33100 Humidifier Replacement Wick Filter For U-33100, 7In Personal Table Fan, Optimus Fan 7In Twin Window Style Rain Resistant - White - F5280, 9In High Velocity Fan. Need any parts from Optimus Enterprise Inc? Check out some of their top part numbers like F-7324, U33100, F-0712A, F5280, F-4092. If you need an electronics part, chances are we have it or can find it. Submit your request for quote through our website or call in for additional info.

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  • Part No Part Type Part Description QTY RFQ
    F-7324 fans 10in desktop tower fan Avl RFQ
    U33100 NA optimus u33100 humidifier replacement wick filter for u-33100 Avl RFQ
    F-0712A NA 7in personal table fan Avl RFQ
    F5280 NA optimus fan 7in twin window style rain resistant - white - f5280 Avl RFQ
    F-4092 fans 9in high velocity fan Avl RFQ
    F1030 NA fans Avl RFQ
    H-5511 NA quartz radiant heater Avl RFQ
    F-7414 NA 35in pedestal tower fan Avl RFQ
    H5300K NA optimus h5300k electric space heater quartz convection radiant Avl RFQ
    H-8412 NA micathermic flat-panel heater with remote control Avl RFQ
    F-1760 fans 16in stand fan w remote Avl RFQ
    F1660 NA fans Avl RFQ
    H-3011 NA optimus h-3011 portable utility heater with thermostat Avl RFQ
    F-7522 NA optimus f-7522 hi - ceiling fans & light kits Avl RFQ
    F-7200 NA 20in turbo air circulator Avl RFQ
    46-00311 NA optimus-s rechargeable batteries Avl RFQ
    F-7120 fans 12in turbo air circulator Avl RFQ
    MPS-45 NA guitar/keyboard amplifer speaker Avl RFQ
    H-8010 NA ir quartz heater w remote Avl RFQ
    F-4123 fans 12in industrial grade Avl RFQ
    U-31005 NA optimus u-31005 2.0 gallon cool mist ultrasonic humidifier Avl RFQ
    F-1637 NA 16in oscillating fan Avl RFQ
    H-7100 NA utility/shop heater Avl RFQ
    F-1872 NA optimus f-1872 18 oscillating stand fan - black Avl RFQ
    H-1410 NA digi oscil fan heat w ts Avl RFQ
    F-0922 NA optimus f-0922 9 stylish personal fan Avl RFQ
    H-84001 NA 22in tall oscil crbn heat Avl RFQ
    U-30002 NA humidfr absorption sleeve Avl RFQ
    H-4500 NA 14in oscil digi dish heat Avl RFQ
    H-1322 NA portbl fan heatr w thrmst Avl RFQ
    U-30012 NA humidfr filter for 33100 Avl RFQ
    F1230 NA fans Avl RFQ
    F-4040 NA 4in personal metal fan Avl RFQ
    H8012 NA optimus h8012 heater infrared zone heating sytem with remote Avl RFQ
    U-32030 NA 3.5gal warm mist humidifr Avl RFQ
    H-4439 NA 14in oscil dish heater Avl RFQ
    H-4110 NA 9in dish heater Avl RFQ
    F-7327 NA 30in tower fan Avl RFQ
    F-7320 fans 13in desktop tower fan Avl RFQ
    F-2002 fans 20in box fan Avl RFQ
    H-8411 NA micathermic flat heater Avl RFQ
    F-0622S fans 6in stylish personal fan Avl RFQ
    H9040 NA optimus h9040 oil rubbed bronze floor standing infrared patio he Avl RFQ
    U-31006 NA optimus u-31006 2.0 gallon output cool mist ultrasonic humidifie Avl RFQ
    H-1382 NA port osclatng fan heater Avl RFQ
    H-5230 NA optimus h-5230 optimus h-5230 tower quartz heater Avl RFQ
    U-33100 NA 3gal cool evaprtv humdfr Avl RFQ
    H-3015 NA portable utility heater Avl RFQ
    F-1212 NA optimus f-1212 12 oscillating table fan with soft touch switch Avl RFQ
    H-7800 NA prtble mini ceramic heatr Avl RFQ
    H-3013 NA utility heater w thermo Avl RFQ
    F-4184 fans 18in hivelocty stnd fan Avl RFQ
    F-7071 NA 7in turbo performance fan Avl RFQ
    H-7004 NA port ceramic heat w ther Avl RFQ
    F7098 NA fans Avl RFQ
    F1211 NA optimus f1211 table fan oscillating 12inch Avl RFQ
    H4110S NA optimus heater 9 in. dish 300w ultra quiet handle - h4110s Avl RFQ
    F-0930 NA 9in personal table fan Avl RFQ
    F1630 NA optimus f1630 table fan oscillating 16inch Avl RFQ
    H9050 NA optimus h9050 heater under table umbrella stand Avl RFQ
    F-8121 fans 12in fashion table fan Avl RFQ
    U31003 NA optimus u31003 umidifier 2.0 gallon cool mist ultrasonic Avl RFQ
    U-32000 NA 2.5gal warm mist humidifr Avl RFQ
    STA-300 NA receiver, digital synthesized am/fm stereo receiver Avl RFQ
    U-32010 NA 3gal warm mist humidifr Avl RFQ
    32-2045 NA guitar/keyboard amplifer speaker Avl RFQ
    H-4438 NA 14in oscilatng dish heatr Avl RFQ
    H-7248 NA oscillating ceramic heatr Avl RFQ
    F0622 NA fans Avl RFQ
    F7330 fans 20in tower fan Avl RFQ
    U-33015 NA optimus u-33015 2.0 gal cool mist evaporative humidifier Avl RFQ
    F-4182 NA 18in industrial fan Avl RFQ
    F-5280 fans 7in twin window fan Avl RFQ
    F-1030 fans 10in stylish personal fan Avl RFQ
    H-4501 NA optimus h-4501 optimus h-4501 14 oscillating pedestal dish heat Avl RFQ
    H-3603 NA 30in baseboard heater Avl RFQ
    H-7315 NA 21in tower heatr w remote Avl RFQ
    F-1237 fans 12in oscillating fan Avl RFQ
    F-1701 fans 16in wave stand fan Avl RFQ
    U-30011 NA optimus u-30011 humidifier replacement wick filter for u-33015 Avl RFQ
    H-7328 NA 22in oscil tower heater Avl RFQ
    F-7300 NA 17in desktp slim towr fan Avl RFQ
    H-3001 NA mini heater w thermostat Avl RFQ
    F - 1672WH NA optimus f-1672wh 16 oscillating stand fan with remote ,white Avl RFQ
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