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AFR Enterprises, owned and operated by ASAP Semiconductor, has an extensive catalog of obsolete electronic components at your disposal, such as 80Mm Pure Case Fan Silentwing, Bn127 Dark Power Pro P8 Power Supply (1200 Watts), 120Mm Usc Casefan Silentwings, Bqt S6-Sys-Ua-300W Systempower, Straight Power E9 450W. Need any parts from Be Quiet? Check out some of their top part numbers like BL041, BN127, BL013, BN080, BN191. If you need an electronics part, chances are we have it or can find it. Submit your request for quote through our website or call in for additional info.

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  • Part No Part Type Part Description QTY RFQ
    BL041 NA 80mm pure case fan silentwing Avl RFQ
    BN127 NA bn127 dark power pro p8 power supply (1200 watts) Avl RFQ
    BL013 NA 120mm usc casefan silentwings Avl RFQ
    BN080 NA bqt s6-sys-ua-300w systempower Avl RFQ
    BN191 NA straight power e9 450w Avl RFQ
    BL043 NA bl043 Avl RFQ
    BN172 NA dark power pro p9 550w psu Avl RFQ
    BN193 NA straight power e9 600w Avl RFQ
    BN180 NA pure power l8 430w Avl RFQ
    BGZ13 NA universal miditower dampening Avl RFQ
    BL011 NA silentwings usc 80mm Avl RFQ
    BL016 NA bl016 Avl RFQ
    BN159 NA straight power 700w Avl RFQ
    BN199 NA straight power e9 680w cm Avl RFQ
    BN136 NA microatx tfx 300w psu Avl RFQ
    BN126 NA bn126 dark power pro p8 power supply (1000 watts) Avl RFQ
    BN188 NA 600w f1-600w efficient power Avl RFQ
    BN090 NA bqt s6-sys-ua-450w systempower Avl RFQ
    BN174 NA dark power pro 750w Avl RFQ
    BL015 NA bl015 Avl RFQ
    BK014 NA bk014 Avl RFQ
    BN103 NA 300w pure power l7 Avl RFQ
    BN197 NA straight power e9 480w cm Avl RFQ
    BL051 NA 80mm mid-speed shadowwings sw1 Avl RFQ
    BL026 NA 120mm pwm shadow wings sw1 Avl RFQ
    BN156 NA be quiet straight power e8 550w psu Avl RFQ
    BGZ13G NA be quiet noise absorber kit high performance fleece - universal Avl RFQ
    BK016 NA dark rock pro cpu cooler Avl RFQ
    BL017 NA 140mm bqt t14025-mf-2 Avl RFQ
    BK011 NA shadow rock pro sr1 Avl RFQ
    BN192 NA straight power e9 500w Avl RFQ
    BN104 NA 350w pure power l7 Avl RFQ
    BL014 NA bl014 Avl RFQ
    BN194 NA straight power e9 700w Avl RFQ
    BN108 NA pure power l7 730w Avl RFQ
    BK012 NA shadow rock top flow sr1 Avl RFQ
    BN092 NA bqt s6-sys-ua-700w systempower Avl RFQ
    BN081 NA system power 350w Avl RFQ
    BN187 NA 500w f1-500w efficient power Avl RFQ
    BN185 NA efficient power f1 350w Avl RFQ
    BN133 NA 300w sfx-300w power Avl RFQ
    BN186 NA efficient power f1 400w Avl RFQ
    BN106 NA 530w pure power l7 Avl RFQ
    BN183 NA pure power l8 730w Avl RFQ
    BL023 NA silentwings pwm 120mm Avl RFQ
    BN163 NA straight power 680w Avl RFQ
    BN175 NA dark power pro p9 850w psu Avl RFQ
    BN173 NA dark power pro p9 650w psu Avl RFQ
    BN091 NA bqt s6-sys-ua-550w systempower Avl RFQ
    BN134 NA 350w sfx-350w power Avl RFQ
    BN198 NA straight power e9 580w cm Avl RFQ
    BN107 NA pure power l7 630w Avl RFQ
    BN105 NA 430w pure power l7 Avl RFQ
    BN190 NA straight power e9 400w Avl RFQ
    BN162 NA straight power 580w Avl RFQ
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